Letter L Hairstyle

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“L” is for Love

Letter L Hairstyle (1)

Speaking of Love — I just thought I’d tell you some great news about 2 things I happen to love as well as tell you some exciting news

First off, our fabulous bow making friend over at All Things Ribbon is having her annual holiday dress giveaway. The dress & headband she is giving away is so beautiful. So go check out all the ways you can enter to win on her blog over HERE. Be sure to tell her I sent you on her FB page — it gets me bonus friend points I think! lol Also, if you aren’t wanting to try for the dress but are in need of her fabulous accessories, she’s also got a code for 25% off your entire purchase for the duration of the giveaway. Just enter “Winter” at checkout.

And speaking of discounts — if you don’t follow us on Facebook or missed our post yesterday — I got word from my friend at Curlformers that they are having a sale on Black Friday. Can I just say “hooray?!” I’ve been using these long enough to know it is rare for them to go on sale or be discounted — so if you’ve got these on your Christmas list, now is the time to buy them! This Friday – 11/25/11 you can get 15% off any purchase on their site Curlformers.com. No code needed – it’ll automatically be deducted at checkout. So be sure in all your black Friday shopping you take time to head to their site & buy the greatest curlers in the world! If you aren’t familiar with them, check out our posts on them HERE.

Also – I just wanted to let you guys know that we’re going to be on a local TV show tomorrow. It’s called “The Daily Dish” on CW30. It airs from 9-10 a.m. I’m not sure when I’m slotted to appear, but the plan is to have all 3 of the girls with so if you are a local and can tune in – we’d love if you watched us! If you’re unable to view it hopefully there will be a link I can share later. We’re so excited!

Anyway – on with the hair tutorial! This probably has been the quickest letter of our whole series so far. Not hard to figure out. We just did regular braids for this one, but as always, you can do twists, or whatever your preference is for this.

Part the hair from ear to ear & make a ponytail off to the left side. Secure it with a rubber band & then braid it.

Letter L Hairstyle (2)

With the remaining hair on the bottom comb it all to the right side of the head & make a side pony as far to the right as you can. Make it nice and low too. Braid it & secure it temporarily with a clip.

Letter L Hairstyle (3)

Then bring that low side braid over to the left and combine it with the other braid. Tie them together with a rubber band.

Letter L Hairstyle (4)

To keep the L from pulling away from her head when she played I strategically put in a few bobby pins under the braid and by the pony at the neck and it worked just great. That’s not necessary, but that’s what I did! That’s it — you’re done. It was funny to me to see how doing her hair this way made her pony tail so much shorter than it normally is! Strange to have such a short pony for a change!

Letter L Hairstyle (5)

Letter L Hairstyle (1)

And as easy as making the letter in her hair was – it was just as easy for her to do the letter L in sign language. Some of the other letters so far have been a bit tricky for her little hands so she was happy for this one being so easy!     Letter L Hairstyle (6)

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    i love this hairstyle & my name starts with an “L”

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