Letter R Hairstyle


“R” is for Rainbow

Letter R Hairstyle (1)

We’re back for the next installment of our ABC Hair Series. Hard to believe we are already to the letter R! I’d debated on doing this one similar to our letter B Hairstyle but I ended out doing it a little bit different.

Step 1 – Make a half pony

Part the hair from ear to ear and secure the ponytail off to the left side of the head.

Letter R Hairstyle (2)

Step 2 – Divide and braid

Split your ponytail in half and braid or twist each section so you end out with 2 braids. Use a clip or something to temporarily hold the ends from coming undone.

Letter R Hairstyle (3)

Step 3 – Part the hair

Where the 2 braids split in half, part the remaining hair in back straight down to the nape of the neck. You’ll have less hair on the left side than the right.

Letter R Hairstyle (4)

Step 4 – Add left braid to a ponytail

Take the hair on the left side of the new part and make a low ponytail, adding the left braid to it. This will make the straight part of your letter R.

Letter R Hairstyle (5)

Step 6 – Make another low ponytail

Take the remaining hair on the right & make a ponytail where you want the “end” of your R to be. I played around a bit with the right braid to have the approximate spot I wanted it to end & then I put my ponytail there.

Letter R Hairstyle (6)

Step 7 – Form your loop

Take the braid on the right & start forming the loop or circle part of your R. Secure with a bobby pin or two.

Letter R Hairstyle (7)

I added a bobby pin right where the 2 braids meet to ensure it didn’t sag!

Letter R Hairstyle (8)

Step 8 – Finish it off

I made the braid “double back” over itself to finish the diagonal part of the R. I added a small bobby pin to hold it in place while I finished securing it.

Letter R Hairstyle (9)

Step 9 – Add the end of your braid into the ponytail on the right.

Remove the clip holding your braid and secure it to the right ponytail with another rubber band. Use bobby pins as needed to secure the whole thing & you’re done!

Letter R Hairstyle (10)

Letter R Hairstyle (11)

We added a few bright flowers from Gimme Clips to brighten the style up – but it works either way.

Letter R Hairstyle (12)

Letter R Hairstyle (13)

And because she’s fighting a cold & wasn’t in a smiley mood when we did this, Bee will just show you her sign language letter R and that’s it!

Letter R Hairstyle (14)

There you have it! Letter R. If you are wanting the diagonal part of the R to be thicker, you’ll probably want to do as I did in the letter B style and instead of making the lower loop for the B make the diagonal line & secure it into another ponytail. Letter R Hairstyle (1)

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  1. anonymous says:

    i think this hair is absulutley adorbs! but it would look weird if i wore it. im in fifth grade

  2. rosalba says:

    I’m in 4th grade and my name is Rubin so on field day I’m going to make an R in my hair and maybe tomorrow I’m going to make an R

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