Pile of Curls & Headband Redo


One of Goose’s very good friends just got baptized on New Year’s Day & she and her mom, one of my real good friends, (one that I’ve known clear back from my high school days and she is still my friend despite the awful hair I had back then!) asked me to do her hair for her baptism pictures, as well as for the day of her baptism.

Pile of Curls Redo - Baptism Hair (1)

They are Curlformer lovers like we are and she wanted to sport THIS hairdo that I’d done for Goose back at the beginning of the year. Miss H. has shorter hair than Goose does and so I was a bit worried that it might not work as well, but I actually thought it turned out even better. I especially loved the curls a lot more because they weren’t weighed down by the length. I did a few of the twists a bit different to hide the headband just because her hair is a bit finer than Goose’s but it turned out beautiful I think.

You may wonder why I’m reposting a hairdo I’ve already done – but so many times I have people tell me certain styles won’t work on their dd because their dd’s hair isn’t the same length or same texture as my dd’s that a style can’t be done. Despite Miss. H having shoulder length hair and finer hair this style worked wonderfully. In fact, using Curlformers was a perfect way to make her hair look fuller and thicker. You never know until you try! Obviously there are some styles that you must have a certain type of hair for, but often times with a few alterations or by thinking outside of the box just a little, you can pretty much the same results as you see in my tutorials!

Pile of Curls Redo - Baptism Hair (2)

Pile of Curls Redo - Baptism Hair (3)

She borrowed our beautiful headband we got from All Things Ribbon – it also went fabulous with her beautiful white dress. She looked simply amazing – like a true angel!

Pile of Curls Redo - Baptism Hair (4)

And if you’ve been around BIH since day one – you may recognize her little face from this way old post … it’s amazing how fast they grow up!

Pile of Curls Redo - Baptism Hair (5)

She’s not such a little girl anymore! She looked so beautiful all dressed in white & I loved how her dark hair stood out so much against the dress & how stark the white headband was in her hair. This has got to be one of my favorite hairdo’s I’ve done in a long time! Thanks Miss H. for letting me be part of your special day!    Pile of Curls Redo - Baptism Hair (6)

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  1. Lesly says:

    Hello, I love this hairstyle and I want to do it on my daughter for her baptism which will be next weekend. Do you have a video on how to do this hairstyle ? I would love to know ! Thank you 🙂

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