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Easy Twisted Pullback from BabesInHairland.com (8)

The title of this one says it all.  It’s nothing more – nothing less!  But it’s easy & that’s why I love it!  For the longest time I didn’t know how to do a rope braid and this was one of my ways to twist the hair back for a cute and easy style.  I also twisted the hair like I show it this simple twisted hairstyle. I still do this style a lot though, especially when I’ve used Curlformers and want to make the most of the curls.

This is a great style when you’re in a hurry to get out the door and want it out of your face.  It’s quick & easy and can be done in just minutes!

So here’s our video showing how we do it.

Step 1 – Make a side part

Step 2 – Part from ear to ear

Step 3 – Twist hair in toward the head on the left

Step 4 – Temporarily secure that twist

To prevent the twist from unwinding I’ll take a clip and anchor the twist to the rest of the hair in back.  You could also have your daughter hold it.  But if you just put a clip at the bottom w/o anchoring it, it obviously will unwind.

Step 5 – Make a twist on the right side

Step 6 – Join twists in back

Step 7- Secure twists with a rubber band


Easy Twisted Pullback from BabesInHairland.com (6)

Easy Twisted Pullback from BabesInHairland.com (7)

Easy Twisted Pullback from BabesInHairland.com (2)

Easy Twisted Pullback from BabesInHairland.com (4)

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  1. Tina says:

    I get the feeling we will be using this a lot this school year ! 🙂

  2. Hey, as I can see it, it’s close to Annika’s everyday hairstyle. The rest of the ponytale, some way, is going to be turned or twisted few times around the rubberband, and then only a last thing to do at the end.
    Watch “Barbie and the magic of Pegasus” and check it out

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