Game of Thrones Inspired Twists & Waves


Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (4)

When I posted our style Double 1-Sided Braids back at the beginning of the month, someone commented how they thought it looked very much like something from Game of Thrones.  Since we don’t have cable, I’ve never watched the show, but know they’ve got some awesome hair going on!  Fast forward to a week ago when I took the girls to a local “jump house” to play for the afternoon.  Since I jumped with them the last time, I wasn’t in the mood to jump so I headed to the parents lounge where I thumbed through their magazines.  In the stack were a few copies of Entertainment Weekly from March. These ones to be exact:

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (13)

Goose happened to have left over waves from a French braid and so the other day we did a quick copy-cat version of Queen Cersei’s hair from the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Although in the photo shoot it never showed the back of Cersei’s hair, one can assume it was just simply pulled back!  Despite Goose’s waves being a bit more than Cersei has, it was very simple & very pretty.  I guess it’s sort of a cross between Cersei’s and Daenerys styles from the covers of EW!  Not hard, but very pretty.

Step 1 – Make waves

Whether your hair is naturally wavy, you use a 3 barrel curling iron, or you get waves from left over braids, it helps add extra prettiness to the style I think!

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (10)

Step 2 – Part hair down the middle

Step 3 – Part out small section of hair

On the left side of the head by the temple, gently part out a small section of hair.  Try not to part out anything exact you can just do it with your fingers – this should have a soft feel to it.

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (11)

Step 4 – Make a rope/twist braid

If you don’t know how, watch our rope/twist braid video!

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (9)

Step 5 – Temporarily secure rope/twist braid

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (8)

Step 6 – Repeat on the right side of the head.

Step 7 – Join twists

Bring them together in the middle and secure with a rubber band.

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (7)


Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (6)

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (5)

And Goose got new glasses & she didn’t like having them off any more during pictures, so one more pic to make her look …. like her!

Game of Thrones Hair - Twists and Waves (1)

Although this is a very simple style, I love hair from this time period, so it looks like I might need to catch me some Game of Thrones somehow! 🙂

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8 Responses

  1. wendy says:

    I just watched the entire first season on dvd, they have amazing hair! Good job!

  2. She is so beautiful. I still can’t get over how long her hair is.

  3. Sam says:

    Careful watching “Game of Thrones” its definitely NOT kid friendly. The story is compelling, but the sex and violence is almost completely uncensored. You wouldn’t believe how often they find a reason to show boobs. lol BTW, LOVE the new site 🙂

  4. Aliceson says:

    Cute! Her hair is getting so long.

  5. Emily says:

    I’ve been looking for a tutorial for Cercei’s hairstyle from game of throne’s! I’m definitely going to do this. Thanks! 😀

  6. Marilyn Porter says:

    And she looks great in her new glasses!

  7. Zim says:

    She looks great in her glasses 😀 btw I’m in love with the game of thrones braids and hairstyles..All of them!! Willing to try this one out. I’ve been eyeing the daenerys hairstyle for quite some time!

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