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Today for our guest post I’d like to introduce you to Girlz Haircreations.  The longer I blog, the clearer it is to me that “hair” truly is a “universal language!”  Proof of that is all the amazing people I’m finding that love creating amazing hairstyles but don’t necessarily speak the same language as I do.  Case in point – Girlz Haircreations! I’m excited to let her share one of her tutorials today.  Don’t let the fact that her video isn’t in English deter you … you can still totally understand her tutorial by just watching it – even if you don’t speak Dutch!  Her style she shares today, is perfect for this time of year with all the wind that tends to come with Springtime!  Hence it being called “Storm Proof.”  Check it out!

Storm Proof Hairstyle 1


Hello Everybody,

I’m very honored and excited to be here so let me introduce myself.  My name is Imka from Holland and I’m a mother of a son Tijn. He is 6 years old and a daughter Britt who is 9 years old.  I work as a nurse with mentally handicapped people and in my free time I’m busy with hair braiding.  Together with my daughter we are Girlz Haircreations. Girlz Haircreations 3

I began braiding about 2 years ago and I watch different hair pages, tutorials, etc. Soon it became more than a hobby.  Braiding is something that makes me very happy. Luckily my daughter wants to look good at school…. she is almost 10 so you get the picture!! After a year braiding I started my own Facebook page. I’m getting a lot of positive reactions and I enjoy to inspire other people.

I love hairstyles that are simple as well as difficult and I like to experiment with it.

Today I want to share my new video tutorial, the Storm Proof creation. It’s not difficult but a little bit different. That’s why I like it so much. My daughter thinks it’s cool and great for school.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

If you like a few other hairstyle ideas, these pictures are my most favorite.

Girlz Haircreations 1 Girlz Haircreations 2

You can find more creations and tutorials on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and my website Girlz Haircreations.

Thanks for reading!!!

Greetings Imka

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4 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    Wow! Imka i just love your creations and what a beautiful daughter you have! I am a big fan and your a big inspiration for my own creations and also for mother braiders!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sariah says:

    Is there a tutorial for the first photo pictured under the video? (Waterfall twist, that looks like it’s woven together.) I’m trying to figure out how to end each row to make it flow and look as pretty as that! Thank you!

    • The Mom says:

      I think she’s got a video for it, but if not you might need to e-mail her or message her on her FB page. hth

  3. Imka says:

    Hi Sariah,
    thanks for your reaction. Yes there is a video of this one on YouTube

    Greetings Imka

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