Heart to Heart Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

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Since it seems like everyone else & their dog’s has been doing lots of fun heart hair the last little while I hadn’t planned on posting anything heart-ish – as not to be overkill! But I was at Michael’s over the weekend & they had some of their holiday ribbon way cheap, so it got me to thinking …. and this was what I ended out doing ….. Nothing rocket science worthy, but fun all the same. Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (1)

Make your basic ponytail – rather high on the head depending on how much hair you are working with. Then split the pony in 2 and make 2 rope/twist braids. I twisted as far down as I could and then tied each on off nicely with a rubberband so there weren’t too many fly aways. Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (2)

Shape each rope/twist braid to make the halves of the heart. I used bobby pins pushing them in from behind to secure it to her head. When you get to the bottom of the heart where the point is made, if you have extra hair (which we did) just double it back up underneath the rope/twist braids and bobby pin it so it all stays up and out of the way. Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (3)

Now for the ribbon. Since I was going to be working right against her scalp, I didn’t want to use a real needle, and I didn’t have any of those big plastic kind that aren’t sharp, but are still a needle. So I settled for the next best thing – ironically a Safety Pin! Poke the safety pin through the ribbon & then latch it closed like this (sorry it’s blurry.) Start on one side of the point of the heart at the nape of her neck. Then push the safety pin through a little section of hair and pull it through. Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (4)

Basically you’ll be “outlining” the rope/twist braid heart with the ribbon – weaving in and out through little sections of hair. Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (5)

Once I got to the middle peak of the heart since I was working w/ribbon with a pattern on it – only on one side, I had to twist it around a bit to get it to be right side out once I headed over on the other side of the heart. Just play with it until it looks the way you want it. This didn’t quite get the shape I’d hoped for, but you get the idea. Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (6)

Once I’d gone down the other side of the heart I tied the ends of the ribbon around the very tip of the heart (it wasn’t holding on to very much hair) and tied a bow. If I were to do this again, I’d be more careful not to cinch the bow too tight once I got to the point of the heart because depending on the angle you look at her head, the ribbon tends to slip in underneath the rope/twist braids & doesn’t show as much. I took my rat tail comb out and sort of pushed it out a bit to solve that problem! Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (7)

She liked it in the end, although got a bit impatient as I was doing the ribbon part!Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (8)So here it is – the final result.        Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (9)

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    Well it is a beautiful idea ….i loved it nice idea

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