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Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (1)

I realize the 4th of July is over, but for us locals, we still get to celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th. That means more fun & festivities with fireworks, parades, rodeos, and all the fun associated with the Days of ’47. And of course, that calls for another patriotic hairdo for all that fun!

We actually did this on the 4th of July in Goose’s hair when we were in a local parade and she loved it. She was wearing it yesterday too and she got so many comments on it! It’s definitely a crowd pleaser!

Make a ponytail. (You could do this with pig tails – one on each side of the head & it’d look cute too — but keep in mind the ribbon makes it a bit stiff!)

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (5)

Divide the ponytail in half.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (6)

Divide the left side of the ponytail in half again. You will make 2 little pony tails with these sections of hair. Use a small rubber band and get it as close to the base of your main ponytail as possible. Add a piece of ribbon twice as long as the ponytail and slip it under the little rubber band.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (7)

Make your 2nd little pony tail, repeating the process, adding white ribbon to the 2nd ponytail. At this point you will braid the ribbon into each ponytail. I did a 4 Strand Braid with Ribbon in it …. you can watch my video HERE. If you do that braid, you’ll need to be sure to pull the ribbon to the underside of the ponytail before you start braiding.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (8)

Braid the ribbon into the hair & secure at the bottom with a rubber band.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (9)

Repeat the process with the section, using the white ribbon that has been pulled to the underside of the pony.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (10)

Repeat the 4 strand braid process with the ribbon in it and secure the bottom with a rubber band.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (11)

Once you’ve finished the 2 braids on the left – repeat the process with the remaining hair on the right side of the ponytail. Repeating red & white ribbons. It’ll look like this from the top of the base of the ponytail:

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (12)

When you’re done with all 4 braids they’ll hang down every which way. You could do as many of these as you want to so you’ll have more of the red/white stripes for the flag…

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (13)

Get the braids somewhat positioned how you want and then tie them off at the bottom with another rubber band. I let the ribbons just spray out at the bottom to add a bit more color to it all.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (14)

To keep the braids from separating, I randomly took a few bobby pins and slid them down so they grabbed each side of a braid so they’d stay together. You can do this from behind the “flag” or from the front. They are pretty easy to hide as long as you slide them right down the sides of the braid. I a couple down each length of each braid.

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (15)

Top the red & white stripes off with the “blue” & you’ve got your vertical flag!

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (16)

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (18)

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (19)

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (20)

Goose loves this one — I think it’s because she can make her ponytail “swish” back and forth so much more! But flags are supposed to wave, right?!

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (21)

Here’s a few shots from our 4th of July parade fun. The girls loved riding on the float with the Rodeo Queens and showing off their patriotic hair!

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (4)

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (3)

I think I posted this one of all us gals on FB already — but just in case you missed it — here I am with the 3 Babes!

Vertical American Flag Hairstyle (2)

If you aren’t from around here, put this one in your back pocket & plan on it for next 4th of July! Or you could totally do this with your favorite team colors, or for another fun and special occasion! Feel free to share your pictures with us on our FB page if you try this one!

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4 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    This can also be used for Canada day, if you take out the blue ribbon!

  2. Nicole P says:

    Wow I love this one!!! I cant wait for this year July 4th to try it out!! I should just mention that I have never done hair before in my life as I have extremely curly hair however now I work with special needs kids and get to do amazing hairstyles thanks to your amazing directions!!!!

    • The Mom says:

      I’m so glad you like this one. What a wonderful thing you are doing for those kids you work with. I’m sure they, along with their parents appreciate you taking the time to do something so kind and loving for them. 🙂

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