Just Wondering Wednesday #4

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Well, it’s officially Summer & can I say – “It’s about time!?” It seems like the weather has just been cold then hot cold then hot. I think it’s finally going to stay warm around here now.

Just Wondering Wednesday (1)

So our question for today is another hair related one and sort of a 2 part question.

What color is your hair today?

And is it your “real” natural color . . .

or does it come from a bottle/salon/or

some other form of coloring?

In case you were wondering – my hair is blond/brown.

I get blond highlights from my hair dresser –

if I didn’t get highlights my hair would be a “lovely” Puke Ash 6. Ack.

Up for grabs today?

A $5 gift card to Sally’s.

You could put it towards those Curlformers you’ve been holding off getting, or towards one of my favorite 1 lb. boxes of bobby pins! hehe

Anyway – remember, if you want in for this gift card, be sure to comment here & come back Friday when I’ll announce the winner. Remember – I need a way to contact you so be sure to give me one! Thanks for playing & have a Happy Day!

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