Loop & Twisted Bun


Loop & Twisted Bun (1) When I did this months ago, I had totally something else in mind when I started – but it wasn’t happenin’. I hate it when that happens. So this is what we ended up with!

We started with towel dried hair after her shower. So it wasn’t dripping wet, but it was still quiet damp. Make a ponytail & secure with a rubber band.

Loop & Twisted Bun (2)

Then take a section of hair skimming it off the top of the ponytail.

Loop & Twisted Bun (3)

Make a loop with it & secure it with a couple of bobby pins. (Sorry the next few pix are blurry.)

Loop & Twisted Bun (4)

Once you’ve got your loop made, roll the ends up inside of the loop to hide them. If you need to, use a few more bobby pins to keep all those hairs hidden!

Loop & Twisted Bun (5)

Then with the the rest of the ponytail hanging down – divide it into 2 sections and make rope/twist braids. Secure each with a rubber band.

Loop & Twisted Bun (6)

Take the left twist/rope braid and bring it up around the left side of the loop and drape it over the top of the loop.

Loop & Twisted Bun (7)

Secure the end of the rope/twist on the right side of the loop with a bobby pin or two. Let the “tail” hang down for now.

Loop & Twisted Bun (8)

Repeat with the right side rope/twist braid, bringing it to the left side, over the top of the loop and the twist from the other side.

Loop & Twisted Bun (9)

Pull it over to the left side and pull it so that the rubber band is sort of hiding underneath the other twist.

Loop & Twisted Bun (10)

Once you’ve wrapped them the tails should be sticking out underneath it all like this:

Loop & Twisted Bun (11)

(and this is another point where I got stuck …. so I did the other girls hair, and came back to her hair after wards! In the end I just decided to tuck those ends up and hide them, securing them with bobby pins too! I then added my trusty little white flowers I glued ages ago onto little claw clips and called it good! Loop & Twisted Bun (12)

Loop & Twisted Bun (13)

Loop & Twisted Bun (14)

Add a big ol’ grin, and a funky self-made (by Goose) beaded necklace and you’re set to go. …. well ok, I admit, I wouldn’t let her wear the necklace with her fancy-schmancy velvety dress to church! Sigh … we’ve got a lot of work to do when it comes to her understanding how to accessorize! LOL

Loop & Twisted Bun (15)

Loop & Twisted Bun (1)

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  1. Natalie says:

    I realize this is an old post, but I was wondering how did you made the claw flowers? I tried looking on youtube, but those are all alligator clips or hair pins…

    • Becky says:

      I bought the little flowers at a craft store and then glued them to little baby claw clips. It was sort of hard to keep them on so I used hot glue. Hope that helps!

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