Ponies to a 4 Strand Braid

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First off – the winner of our 1st circus ticket giveaway has been announced. Head over HERE to see the awesome pictures of our winner. Talk about creative & thinking outside the box! 🙂

As far as our hairdo today, this is a fairly quick one, especially if you’ve mastered the 4 strand braid. If you haven’t yet – you can check out my videos HERE. I’ve got to combine all of the videos one of these days! This starts out like THIS old hairdo but finishes in a 4 strand braid.Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (1)

Part the hair from ear to ear. Make a part in the middle or off on one side. Mine, as always, is off center on the right side. Pull the hair on the left side of the part into a small ponytail & secure with a rubber band. Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (2)

Do the same on the right side & secure the ponytail with a rubber band.

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (3)

Then take hair on the back part of the head and part it out like making a 1/2 pony. I sort of go from the ponytails in the front as a reference point as to where to start the part. Make a 3rd ponytail on the back of the head.

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (4)

Divide the middle ponytail on the back of the head into 2 sections.

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (5)

Take the hair from the left ponytail & put it between your thumb & index finger in your left hand. The 2 strands from the middle ponytail will be the next 2 strands in your hand and then the hair from the right pony tail will be between your pinky and ring finger. This is the beginning position of making your 4 strand braid. Again, if you need a refresher go HERE to watch the videos.

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (6)

Braid the hair most of the way down in a 4 strand braid & tie off at the end with a rubber band.

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (7)

The hair from the right & left ponies should come into the braid nicely and then the braid just flows on down the middle of the back of the head nice & centered! If you try do this with a regular 3 strand braid it’ll end out lopsided. The 4 strand braid solves that!

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (8)

You can add a flower or other accessory if you like. But I didn’t want to hide the start of the 4 strand braid so I opted to leave it off.

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (9)

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (10)

We also added a few curls with our flat iron & her waves that are continuing to show up played a nice part too!

Ponies and 4 Strand Braid (1)

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    I love this. It is so easy and quick.

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