Rubber Band Wrap Headband

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When we were on “The Daily Dish” the first time, I’d briefly demonstrated how to do a rubber band wrap & said we’ve done them over the head before like a headband & I realized I’d never posted that on here to show you. If you need a refresher on how to do a rubber band wrap – you can check out our video HERE.

Rubber Band Wrap Headband (1)

I combined the rubber band wraps with THIS fabulous hairdo we did last year where we had a braided headband over the top of Goose’s head. So for step by step pix on how I did most of this style refer back to that post as well. We just quickly put all the rubber bands in – I didn’t care if it was as neat & precise as some of the other wraps I’ve done. You can use a thicker section of hair for the headband section too – we just took a little one in these pictures.

But instead of twisting the bangs backwards to join them on the back of her head, we made what we call “Barbie Bangs” where we smooth down the hair in front of the ears & then pull them back under all her hair & secure them with a rubber band at the nape of the neck. It covered up both parts of the “headband” where it starts & where it’s secured nicely.

Rubber Band Wrap Headband (2)

That’s all & it looks so cute. It’s fun to use brighter colored rubber bands so the color adds a splash of color, but she had a green sweater on today so we just used our light green ones that we had on hand.

Rubber Band Wrap Headband (3)

Rubber Band Wrap Headband (4)

Let me know if you have any questions or want more of a tutorial on this one! Be sure to post pictures on our FB page of the hairdo’s you’re doing! We love to see them all!

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