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Everyone that guessed on my “Mystery Hair Accessory” the other day was right — they are the new & funky Spin Pins from Goody. They are part of a new accessory line they are calling Goody Simple Styles. And this is what they look like:Spin Pin Buns & Review (1)

*** To see our video using them go HERE ***

As I’d mentioned, I’d been eying these for a while – kept seeing ads pop up here and there and so I’d gone and watched stuff about them and was intrigued – mainly about the Spin Pin because they say they are the equivalent to 20 bobby pins. And as you know – we use lots of bobby pins at our house! I was excited to find that you could buy them at Target, Wal-Mart and other drug stores, as well as online. I went to find them at Target, but they didn’t sell the Spin Pins. They sold other parts of the the Simple Styles collection but no Spin Pins. All of them were selling for $4.99-$5.99. Then one of my readers, Vera, told me she found them at Wal-Mart so I tried there but they were out. So I finally gave in & bought the whole collection on line from Goody.com for $14.99 + SH. It was cheaper to buy the whole lot of them than just one at a time. So I got my packet recently (and it did come fairly quickly) & this is what you get. It comes in a cute little divided pouch too.

On the left is their equivalent of the “bumpit” I think (at least form their description.) Then the spin pins, next is their “Modern Updo Maker” and then on the far right is the “Pony Pouf Clip”. I’ve only played around a little with the other ones, so I’ll have to post more about those as I try them.

Spin Pin Buns & Review (2)

I’ve made a video of how to put the Spin Pins in – but I’ve got to edit it a little bit & was having issues w/it last night, so I’ll get that to you soon – but here are a few pictures of the quick & easy buns we’ve made so far using them. They seriously are amazing! I used them first in Goose’s hair and I’ve got to tell you I haven’t made a little twisted bun in her hair in years because her hair is just so thick & the bobby pins tend to start scooting out after no time.

But with the Spin Pins all I did was brush her hair back, twist it into a bun and twist in the Spin Pins on top and bottom. I left the ends spraying out a bit so it looked a bit playful & messy & that was it.

Spin Pin Buns & Review (3)

Because we didn’t secure the ponytail with a rubber band, I was a bit nervous because her hair hung a bit looser & I was sure it’d fall out w/in a while. But …. it didn’t. These stayed in & held her hair for a full day of summer playing – out on the swing set, rough housing w/Bug, etc. It did loosen up a bit by the end of the day & sat lower on her head – but they held on strong!

Spin Pin Buns & Review (4)

Only at the very tail end of the day when she was playing with her cousins on banana chairs (rubbing her head against the back of the chairs and such) did the bun actually almost come out. She came to me and had me twist them out so she didn’t have to worry about them. But any hairdo was doomed with the way they were being crazy on those banana chairs!

Spin Pin Buns & Review (5)

Here’s our attempt on Bug using them. Because her hair is a bit thinner, I actually put her hair in a ponytail & then twisted it into the bun and added the Spin Pins.

Spin Pin Buns & Review (6)

Spin Pin Buns & Review (7)

Once again, I just left hairs stick out to make it look more than just a regular bun. It looked really cute and stayed in pretty well. I’ve heard they don’t stay in as well in thin hair – and since these are made for grown women, I could see that. The Spin Pins stayed in fairly well in Bug’s hair – but they might have held better had I not started with the rubber band first. I’m not sure.

Spin Pin Buns & Review (8)

Anyway – my overall review of the Spin Pins is — They are awesome! They really do hold like they say. And if you are a working gal and sit at a desk most of the day (and not acting like a crazy 8 year old) – I don’t see your hair going anywhere with these things in it! It’ll stay put. The best part is how fast it is to make a bun & twist these in & then you’re ready to go. Goose wants her hair up a lot during the summer, as it gets so hot, so I’m excited to have added these beauties to our line of “hair artillery accessories/tools!” I’m looking forward to trying a few different things with these & I’ll show you once I do. If you want to learn more about their whole Simple Styles Collection you can go HERE.  I’d love to know if you’ve bought any of the collection and what your thoughts/opinions are on these!

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4 Responses

  1. Cosette says:

    My mom gave these to me a while ago. I haven’t used them much, but the times I have they have impressed me, too. I found they stay in my hair better when I put my hair in a ponytail first, and then kind of attach them through the hair and holder and it held great! My 4yo dd wanted me to put them in her hair, so I coiled her long, thin hair into a ballerina type bun and stuck them in. They held great, she wanted to sleep in them, and she woke up with a bun still in her hair! Amazing!

  2. Felicia says:

    Thanks for the review of these. I’ve looked at them several times and wondered if they work.

  3. Bekah says:

    Here recently, I began eyeing these as well. However, I was having a hard time justifying $5 just on a hair piece that I may or may not like.

    Then, I went to the Dollar Tree and you know what they had? Spin pins! I grabbed a set and fave fallen in love! I can use them for any rolled hairstyle and many braided tucks. They work great and I have never had them fall out. I even used them to play on some inflatable bouncy houses and obstacle courses so they got a workout, that’s for sure!

    • The Mom says:

      That’s awesome that they held up in a bounce house! They really are excellent for holding hair. Love these. I really need to find them at our dollar store though. I always forget to look when I’m there!

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