Two Easy Messy Buns for Short or Long Hair


As my hair is oh-so-slowly getting longer, it’s been fun to start attempting a thing or two that I’ve done in the girls hair to my own.  Granted, I am miles away from the length of their amazing hair, but still it’s been fun to try new things now and then.  One being our messy buns.  My hair isn’t long enough to warrant our “long hair messy bun method” and probably never will be – but I wanted to share these two great versions again because they work for pretty much any length of hair – even cute baby & toddler hair!

Easy Messy Buns for Short to Long Hair

Messy Bun #1 is a wonderful way to make a messy bun on short to medium hair.  You can watch our messy bun video HERE.  This is was our way of doing messy buns because I couldn’t find a way that worked for me or looked how I wanted when I did them.  These messy buns are great even in baby & toddler hair – you just need to use the mini-bobby pins & they turn out so stinkin’ cute! 🙂  I’ve done them on my little nieces and they turn out so cute with just the small amount of hair they have. Despite her having less hair, I used this messy bun on Bee when her hair was barely to her shoulders.  And it makes them look like they have a lot more hair than they do!

Toddler Combo Hairdo (16)

 Messy Bun #2 is for long hair & is what we came up with to prevent “saggy” messy buns.  After the girls hair reaches a certain point, messy bun #1 doesn’t work as well & their hair gets too heavy and sags.  So by twisting their hair first it helps keep their hair more secure & then lets you mess it up as you like.  Our long hair messy bun can be seen HERE.  We use our messy bun for long hair a lot on Goose these days & it was fun to add some crimping to it in this fun hairstyle.

Crimped Braids and Messy Bun (9)

I’ve had so many people tell us they work great for them.  Let us know if you try either of our messy buns on you OR your little girls!

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  1. Wendy says:

    I have to try this on Princess M…and see how many compliments she gets at school!!!

  2. Miss R. says:

    i just did the long hair messy bun on my younger sister. It looked fantastic!! You have marvelous method!!! 🙂

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