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Not a normal combo — but I keep forgetting to show you the pictures from the wedding hair I did last month. I chatted with my friend & she was gracious enough to let me share pictures that I took from her special day. She has gorgeous naturally curly hair, but being that she was getting married on a hot July day & was having an outside reception she wanted her hair up and off her neck and out of the way. She was very easy going about how she wanted her hair and after a “practice day” on her hair this is what she decided she wanted.

Because of the time in the morning, her hair was fairly damp. She wanted her bangs/hair in front twisted back & so I did it like I did on my bangs in this video HERE and then continued twisting it in a rope braid which I then pulled it back into a feather braided bun which I did HERE so it would cascade beautifully over her veil which we tacked up underneath the bun. She’d made some beautiful pearl accessories with a gem in the middle that she wanted to be in the twist around the front.

Wedding Hair (1)

How it looked in the back:

Wedding Hair (2)

The beautiful bride & groom after they were married:

Wedding Hair (3)

It was quite windy so her veil wouldn’t stay put very well so she ended out taking it out. But I loved how you could see her pearls up in her twist up front. It really added the quite the “pop” to dress her hair up. She looked amazing.

Wedding Hair (4)

Once her hair was drier it wasn’t quite as heavy & it held the curls a bit better. After pictures and the wind, we had time before the reception to go back & touch her hair up a little. She’d made some little flowers to stick around in the back of her hair instead of having her veil in her hair so it wouldn’t get pulled out as people hugged her at her reception. She kept the cute pearls in the twists up front. She looked amazing!

    Wedding Hair (5)

I think doing hair for weddings & proms has got to be one of my favorite parts of this “job” hobby! Thanks so much Kindy for letting me part of your special day.

Circus-Fully Charged (1)

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    Definitely a gorgeous style! I will be doing this to my hair soon!

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