Crazy Hair Day Styles

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It’s Red Ribbon Week this week where the girls go to school, which always means fun activities. We had crazy hair day and since Halloween is coming up – these silly & crazy styles fit right in. I’ve got to say, doing hair for crazy hair day takes more time than just regular hairstyles for us, so these pictures were snapped on the way out the door because we were almost late! Crazy Hair Day Styles (1)

Crazy Hair Day Styles (3)

With Bug’s hair we just did a bunch of the crazy buns all over her head. I guess technically these are called Bantu knots, but we weren’t trying to make them look that good. We just parted her hair all over & added some silly curly pipe cleaner with all the random colored rubber bands. If you do these, remember you can get some great curl from them too – we did this on Goose as an experiment a long time ago. You can see the curls HERE. Crazy Hair Day Styles (2)

And for Goose we thought we’d do a big massive sock bun on top of her head (you can see how we did it in THIS post). But to top it off and make it look even sillier, we have a soft finger puppet bird that we thought we’d perch on top to make it look like she had a birds nest on her head. Since there is a sock under all that hair, we just safety pinned the bird to the sock. If we’d of not been so short on time, I was going to add some raffia that I had lying around to make it more “straw like” but it was silly all the same!

Crazy Hair Day Styles (4)

A look from the back. You can sort of see the head of the safety pin, but we didn’t care!

Crazy Hair Day Styles (5)

She was laughing all the way to school, until she got out of the car with a slight panic that today wasn’t crazy hair day & she and Bug might be the only ones w/weird hair! Luckily we’d seen other kids on the way that had colored hair & such, so we were good!

For more crazy hair ideas – some seriously FABULOUS ones -check these out. I found this on Pinterest, but the actual post is here on Bee in our Bonnet. One of the hairstyles inspired the bird on top of Goose’s hair – one of the pictures they did a birds nest for her hair, but it is much fancier than ours! Go check them out. If nothing else your kids could have amazing hair for Halloween if they are a bit past dressing up! This picture from Bee in our Bonnet is only 1 of many amazing & creative hairdos. I was in awe!

Crazy Hair Day Styles (6) {source}

Oh, I love all the craziness at this time of year! Hope you are enjoying it too!

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