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Happy Halloween everyone! We hope your whole day is fun & festive!  Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (1)

We also wanted to share our costumes with you since we think they were pretty silly and I worked so hard on them since I am NOT a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination! There were no princesses or girly things this year … they wanted to be Minions from the movie Despicable Me. If you aren’t familiar with the movie — these are the guys they were trying to look like. Ironically they picked how they wanted to look and we got their costumes all done & then we found a funny short on YouTube (I think it’s on the BlueRay as well) but is no longer available on YouTube and it’s the 3 of them all together fighting over a banana.  If you need a good laugh you should watch it.

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (2)

Here’s Goose — she was didn’t dare smile because she thought her yellow face paint would crack! She was the Minion Dave!

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (3)

Here’s our cute little Bug – aka the Minion Kevin.

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (4)

And our little Bee — and we couldn’t figure out what her Minion name was on the movie!

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (5)

Here’s all 3 of them together. They were a HUGE hit — especially when everyone saw them together!

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (1)

Happy Halloween from

The Cute Little Minions in Hairland!

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (6)

Dispicable Me -Minion Halloween Costumes (7)

We hope your day is Spook-Tacular & full of fun!!

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If “evil” purple minions are more your thing – check out pictures and instructions on their purple minion costumes here

DIY Purple Minion Costumes from

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4 Responses

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Hi there! How did you make the goggles for them? I’ve been looking all over for a cute way to make them!

    • The Mom says:

      For the Minion with “1 eye” we just took the inside of a duct tape roll (the cardboard part that the tape is rolled up on) and wrapped it in tin foil. The other 2 were wearing glasses we got at the dollar store. They had thick “coke bottom-like” lenses in them that gave them crazy eyes and we just popped the lenses out and then wrapped them in tin foil as well. We then took black duct tape and made the straps so they could be wrapped around their heads. If you can’t find glasses at the dollar store you can probably find Harry Potter type glasses at Halloween supply stores and won’t have to pop the lenses out. Then you can just wrap them in tin foil and get the same look. Hope that helps!

  2. Amy says:

    I have searched for overalls large enough for my 10 yr old with no luck. Any suggestions??? (I can find them up to size 7 but no larger and don’t want to pay $50 for insulated adult ones.) thanks for your help.

    • The Mom says:

      That was the frustrating thing about their whole costumes! I assume it would be an “easy” costume so that’s why we did it! Boy was I wrong! I had to special order the bright yellow hoodies online (and they weren’t overly cheap I might add!) and then I thought I’d be able to find overalls at the thrift store or something. Ya well, overalls obviously aren’t today’s fashion so I didn’t find any. I decided although I’m not a seamstress I’d sew them some. Once again I couldn’t even find a pattern for overalls. I ended out using a simple pajama pant pattern and adding the bib to it myself. It was down to the wire getting everything done! To get the “G” on the front I had some sticker paper for our printer & so I just found the graphic online and printed it here at home & stuck it to the front of their overalls. Sorry I can’t be more help but that’s what we ended out doing. I would hope with the 2nd movie out there would be more things out there but I guess not! The girls think they want to be purple minions this year … we’ll see! lol

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