Bat Bows for Halloween


This is just a fun quick bow tutorial for Halloween.  The idea came when I saw this fun little Halloween party invitation over here from Parents Magazine.  I figured that cute little bat would make a perfect Halloween accessory for the girls!  If your kids don’t wear their Halloween costumes to school, why not add a bit of Halloween spirit with some cute accessories, right?!

Bat Bows for Halloween (1)
These took me all of 5 minutes to make & even if you don’t have a head of hair to add them to, they look cute just hanging around the house as well!

Items needed:

*Glue gun, about 18″ of black ribbon – I bought  1 1/2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon, scissors, lighter (to seal ribbon edges), alligator clips, googly eyes, ruler (not pictured) and if you want to mount the bat on something first, you might want some felt.  Of course, make sure all your supplies are Halloween colors! hehe 🙂

Bat Bows for Halloween (2)

Step 1 – Cut ribbon to about 9″

Bat Bows for Halloween (3)


Step 2 –  Tie a knot in your ribbon

This is just a simple square knot – passing one side of the ribbon around the other & pulling it through the hole.  Pull it into a nice knot in the center – but not too tight.

Bat Bows for Halloween (4)

 Step 3 – Angle ribbon ends upward

Bat Bows for Halloween (5)

 Step 4 – Cut ends of ribbon

You can cut these at whatever angle you wish to get the bat wing look you wish.  You could even get really fancy and make them scalloped like some bat wings I’ve seen out there.

Bat Bows for Halloween (6)

 Step 4 – Glue on googly eyes

These were the smallest eyes I had, and they were almost too big, in my opinion, but the girls still loved them!

Bat Bows for Halloween (7)

 Step 6 – Glue on alligator clip

I didn’t have alligator clips covered with ribbon, so I opted to just glue the clip right onto the back of the bat.  You could add felt between them if you want to ensure the alligator clip can’t be seen.  I just went quick & easy on this though!

Bat Bows for Halloween (8)


They can just hang around in your house for more cute Halloween decorations or be added to a cute little head of hair!

Bat Bows for Halloween (9)

Bat Bows for Halloween (10)

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.  I put the finished touches on the girls costumes this weekend & am I soooo happy to be done sewing.  It is not my strength, but I am happy with how things turned out in the end.  Stay tuned for pictures!  Have a Happy Monday!  Don’t forget to check out all our fun Halloween hair ideas HERE & be sure to share our blog with your friends by using the social media buttons below. 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. Marilyn Porter says:

    I love all of these Halloween hairstyles. Too bad Orson’s hair is so thin and short. Plus, I think he’d need an attitude adjustment before he’d let me do them. You are so lucky to have 3 girls to work with!

  2. Kristi says:

    My daughter and I made these this afternoon to take to her friends. So cute and easy, thanks for the fun idea!

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