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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week, and if things are similar where you live, there have been Christmas decorations in stores since before Halloween.  Now all the black Friday sales and even “pre-black Friday” sales are popping up everywhere.  It’s all too soon for me- but as they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join em! haha  Last year we shared a bunch of gift ideas for the hair lover, and this year, once again, there’s no shortage of great ideas!

Like last year, some of these we own and love, others are ones we’ve heard great things about, and others are on our wish list!  So scroll on, and give the gift of good hair days this year!

PLUS — because it’s gift giving season, we’re giving you a chance to enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!  Yay!


So have a look at all our gift ideas below, and then at the bottom of this post, enter to win! Good luck!



1-ION Styling Heat Protection Spray 8 fl.oz & ION Styling Solutions Dry Shampoo 4.5 oz Set

It is always SO important to use heat protection on your hair.  We love both of these – but especially the Heat Protection Spray.  I, specifically, use this daily and it saves my hair.  I love it because it doesn’t leave my hair greasy feeling and the girl’s love it because it makes their hair feel so soft.  The dry shampoo has great reviews, and it comes as a package deal.

2- Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling Kit Spiral Curls for Extra Long Hair

It should come as no surprise that these are on my list.  We LOVE our Curlformers and the curls they give us.  We specifically love Spiral Curls for Extra Long Hair because they are long enough for my girls hair.  Curlformers has curlers for almost every length of hair and different widths of curl as well.  Be sure to check out all our Curlformer Hairstyles, Tips and Videos HERE.

3- The Girl Who Wouldn’t Brush Her Hair Book

While we don’t own this, I’ve heard great things about it.  If you have a younger daughter with whom you struggle a bit to comb her hair, this book is for you!  The illustrations are so cute too!  If you love story time at your house, pick this one up today!

4- Holster Brands Original Hot Iron Heat-Resistant Silicone Holster

If you’ve never heard of Hot Iron Holsters, you’re missing out.  I did a review on these a while back and included them last year in my gift list, but they truly are a must have if you use hot hair tools.  They have a big line of sizes and uses for these – not just hair tools.  If you’re a crafter, they have fabulous ones as well.  Protect your work space with Hot Iron Holsters!  You can read our review HERE.

5 – Girlie Glue

This actually came out after my girl’s were bigger, but I’ve heard great reviews from trusted sources that this is fantastic stuff!  If you have a little girl who is still growing in her hair, or just want to tack something into your daughter’s hair this glue is the answer.  It’s made with agave nectar and other natural ingredients (no honey) and it lasts all day. 7a-girlygluem

6- Gimme Style Cutter Comb

I’ve shared these on our blog before, but they are great for cutting elastics out of hair instead of trying to break them out on your own.  You can damage hair so easily by pulling out elastics, so these are great for that reason.  We previously wrote a post that included this comb, so you can read more HERE.

7- Kenra Volume Spray 25 

This is by far the most amazing hairspray I own.  It withstands winds up to 20 MPH and it holds all day and then some!  It’s especially great for updos when you really need hair to stay in place for a wedding or dance.

8 – Style & Shine Oval Brush by HairFlair

This is probably my most favorite item on our list this year.  Since we got our brushes I am a brush lover!  I reviewed this new line of brushes from Hair Flair a few months ago, and I stand behind what I said.  I’ve had a friends and family use this brush and love it so much they also bought it.  Hair Flair has amazing paddle brushes as well, and both full size brushes come in travel sizes as well.  They are a must have!

9- ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

If your daughter wants to color her hair, but you aren’t wanting to make it permanent, this hair chalk is for you!  I’ve yet to let my girl’s use these, but they have good reviews and would be fun activity for a sleep over or birthday party!

10- Helen of Troy Turbo Boost Professional Hair Dryer

We own this hair dryer and love it.  Actually – we own 2 of them!  I got tired of the girl’s taking mine instead of using their smaller different hair dryer I’d bought them.  They said mine dried so much better and faster, so rather than chase mine down every time I need it, I got one for them as well!  We highly recommend this one!

11- Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, 1.7 Ounce, 2-Count 5-kenra-platinum-blow-dry-sprayj

Speaking of hair drying.  I’m dying to try this blow-dry spray from Kenra.  Since we love their hair spray, I’m sure this will be amazing too.   It’s got great reviews and my  girls struggle a bit with frizz, so I’m excited to get some and give this a try.  This is a 2 pack, but you can buy different size bottles depending on your budget and needs.

12- Rattail Combs (2 Pack)

8-rattail-comba I use my rattail comb daily not only in my hair but in the girls.  I love the tail for tucking down fly-aways or loose hair from a braid.  The metal handle is the best for that.  Some rattail combs also have uneven teeth so they are great for back-combing as well.

13- Our Book – Amazing Hairstyles: From Easy to Elegant

Amazing Hairstyles: from Easy to Elegant

Of course, my list wouldn’t be complete without our book on it.  If you don’t own one yet, why not?! 😉  We’d love it you bought one, whether it be for you or a friend or family member.  It has great reviews, and we know you’ll love it!  Give the gift of good hair days!

14- Tool Structure 3 Row Styling Comb

6-3-row-comba It’s sort of hard to see in the picture, but there are 3 rows of off-set tines on this comb.  I don’t use it for regular combing though – I use it to back comb.  It is amazing.  I’ve had mine for a couple years, and since I do a bit of back combing in my hair every day, this is by far my favorite tool for that.

15- Braid Rings for Hair – 20 pieces – Silver Loops

13-hair-rings Hair “jewelry” is quite the rage lately, especially in braids.  We don’t own any yet, but my daughter’s have been eyeing these!  They have rings with cute charms on them too.  Look around because there a lot of places that sell them, whether it be Amazon, Etsy, or an accessory store at the mall.

16- Calily Heated Hair Straightening Brush


We don’t own one of these yet, but since my oldest daughter isn’t a huge fan of using my flat iron, I’ve been eyeing these for a while now.  This one has good reviews and is reasonably priced.  I like the idea that it brushes at the same time as straightens.  Also less intimidating than a hot flat iron to my tween!

And last but not least …. This last one technically isn’t a hair product, but it is a beauty product, and that is tied closely to hair, so I had to include this last item for our list!

17- Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover


We recently shared on Facebook a little bit about it – but this should really be called “Magic Water.”  It is amazing.  My oldest who started wearing makeup was having issues w/finding something that would clean her skin, remove her makeup and not sting her eyes (since she wears contacts.)  We discovered SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier and we instantly fell in love!  You can read more about it HERE.  I use it as well and love how it makes my skin feel.  It’s just like water but magically removes your makeup and cleans your face all at the same time.  No need to rinse afterward either.  Best. Thing. Ever. 🙂

If that’s not enough, be sure to check out our Gift Ideas for Hair Lovers & Teenage Girls from last year.  There’s only a few that we included this year because we love them so much!  The best part of most of these is they are timeless, so you can give them despite them being from last year!

Gift Ideas for Hair Lovers or Teenage Girls from BabesInHairland.com #Christmas #giftideas #gift #present #hair


Gifts for Hair Lovers from BabesInHairland.com #christmas #gift #hairlover #giftideas

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm MST November 28, 2016.

Winner will be announced in our post November 29, 2016.
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  1. Cory says:

    Definitely would like to try Kenra 25 spray!

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    I like the Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling Kit.

  3. Kimberly G says:

    I like The Turbo Boost Professional Hair Dryer

  4. Kelly D says:

    I like the Calily Heated Hair Straightening Brush.

  5. Carly Williams says:

    I love the heated straightening brush!

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    the straightening brush looks great

  7. I want to win your book! I have a girl after having two boys and I have no idea what I am doing with hair. I need all the help I can get.

  8. Emeryl says:

    I think my niece would like “Amazing Hairstyles: From Easy to Elegant”.

  9. Rachel says:

    My favorite item is the Calily heated hair straightening brush.

  10. Cathy D says:

    I like the Curl form deluxe, the Amazing hairstyle book and the Kenra Blow Dry spay.

  11. Lydia says:

    I would like the water. I have heard good things about it as well. I also would like the hot iron holster. I have been asking for one since I saw your review.

  12. Alissa says:

    the curlformers are perfect for her dance recitals.

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    I’d love the hair straightening brush.

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