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Happy Leap Day!

Lots of people do something called “Wordless Wednesday” around the blogosphere. I’d thought of doing that with this picture – but I wanted to explain it since it’s not from my girls. So this is “Minimum Words Wednesday!”

I just have to share with you this cute picture that my Sister-in-Law posted the other day on Facebook. This is the same SIL that did a guest post and brought us the fabulous style Tween Braids. Her oldest 2 kids are girls, and her youngest 2 are boys. She went into her bathroom one morning and found this waiting for her on the counter:

Bobby Pin Messages (1)

I assumed one of my nieces had so cutely arranged the bobby pins and rubber bands to say “Love Mom” – but come to find out it was her youngest son. He is so sweet! Of all the things we’ve ever done with bobby pins – I never thought of spelling stuff with them!

Have you or your kids ever used bobby pins or other hair accessories to spell out a message? We’d love if you shared what you wrote! Or better yet, make someone’s day & leave a fun message for them using bobby pins and such & snap a picture a to share with us on our Facebook page!

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