Bobby Pins – Oh the Possibilities!

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It shouldn’t be a secret how much we use (and love) bobby pins & hair pins around here. I don’t know where I’d be without them. You can see some of our tips & videos about bobby pins HERE. Not to mention our Goody Spin Pins that are a fabulous substitute for lots of pins in a bun. You can check those out HERE and our video HERE But, obviously as wonderful as they are, you can’t use those when holding back bangs, or small sections of hair, etc. And while back I’d written on Facebook that I’d seen on Pinterest that if you put the ridges of the bobby pin against your head instead of the flat side, it’ll stay in your hair better (which I’ve tried & I agree – they do stay better!) So it got me thinking about bobby pins – a little too much I’m afraid!Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (1)

I started poking around online and found all kinds of fun things! On Pinterest I found this fun instruction sheet that came with some bobby pins via the Bridal Guide (you’ll need to click on it to enlarge it). Their post can be found here.

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (2)

I also got thinking about how often we lose bobby pins. Please say I’m not the only one! And by lose, I mean find them later in the carpet, on the floor tucked in under the bathroom cabinets or have random ones floating around in your purse or coat pockets! I think I’ve even found them in my washing machine now and then since the girls take them and shove them in their pockets.

As I’ve perused around Pinterest I’ve seen some fun ways to store bobby pins, fun and creative ways to decorate them, as well as other uses for them (yes – besides in your hair!) So I thought I’d dedicate this post to bobby pins today!

First up – decorating, adding embellishments and such. Do you do this? Or do you buy them decked out instead? The possibilities are endless when it comes to doing stuff to them to add some spice to your hair. Of course you can hot glue things on like we did to hair pins in THIS post back when Goose got baptized. Here are just a few fun ones I found:

I thought this was pretty cool – these come from Henry Happened and she took wider black bobby pins and drew on them with a white pen. If you put a few in your hair right next to each other, it would look fabulous! You can read her whole post DIY Missoni Bobby Pins over here.

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (3)

These fun bobby pins were just painted with fingernail polish. You could probably use just clear & then add some glitter to add some ‘bling’ out of her regular ol’ bobby pins if you don’t have sparkly polish. These are from The College Prepster who also found this on Pinterest …

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (4)

And for countless other ways to deck out bobby pins you can go here on Pinterest to see lots of the ones I found. You can add beads, buttons on the ends, flowers, the ideas are endless.

And back to the topic of keeping your bobby pins in one place, there is this great idea of putting them in a paper clip holder. I found this on A Law Student’s Journey. She made this cutie in about 5 minutes. You can check it out over here. You could decorate this any way you wanted and shake the bobby’s out as needed.

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (5)

And I’m sure if you’re on Pinterest, you’ve seen this floating around one floating around. You can see the whole post here. I’ve got one of those magnetic “pin cushions” I’m thinking of pulling out and sticking mine on. Right now they are in little organizers in my drawer, but they are hard to get out.

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (6)

There wasn’t a site that this one linked back to but I found this one found here. What a wonderful way to store them if you are traveling or want to keep some extra ones in your purse or backpack. I know you can buy some at Sally’s Beauty that come in a little tin, but this is a great way too I think!

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (7)

Then I found some other ways that bobby pins can be used instead of just in our hair. I found a cute little idea here. Ironically, Goose was trying to get her school planner to open to the correct page this morning and there was a bobby pin on the counter and she grabbed it and did just this very thing. I laughed & asked her if she’d knew what I was posting about today!

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (8)

Here’s another innovative way to use bobby pins found over here. You can slide them onto a hem to hold pleats in place as you iron them. Just be sure you don’t iron on top of the bobby pin because it might make a nice mark on your skirt where the bobby pins were!

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (10)

And last but certainly not least – this has got to be my favorite non-hair usage of bobby pins. Over at PBJ Stories she reorganized her kitchen and to rotate her cans she used a magazine storage container. But the cans would have rolled out the end. So she opened up bobby pins making them flat and spray painted them white and stuck them on the end to keep the cans from rolling out. How smart is that? Her whole post can be found here.

Countless Uses for Bobby Pins (11)

And if you’re not on Pinterest, e-mail me & I’ll send you an invite. If you are – feel free to follow us HERE! You can see what other stuff we like besides hair!

So – what ways do you store your bobby pins? What other uses have you found for them? We’d love it if you shared your tips or ideas!

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