2011 Mustache Christmas Card (2)

Happy Holidays 2011

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“Stashing through the snow …” We’re sharing our 2011 Christmas card to all of you, our wonderful readers! Have a wonderful Christmas & holiday season!

Double Twists and Ponytail (5)

Double Twists

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This cute style was what Bee wore on her first day of school. It’s perfect for keeping the hair out of her eyes for a fun filled day of school and play!

Curlformer How To Videos (2)

Curlformer “How-To” Videos


We’ve had so many requests for videos on how we put in Curlformers & how we get such awesome curls using them … so here are 2 different videos showing you our tricks and tips when using them.

"Making the world a prettier place ~ One head of hair at a time!"