Contestant #18

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This is from Annie & Girls, and here’s what she sent me: “My mom is a hairdresser and I grew up with all kinds of different styles, cuts, you name. So needless to say I acquired a specialty in hair styling myself. I always cut my children’s hair as well as a some friends. One […]


Contestant #19

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This is from Melissa. “Last August I was at my cousins wedding shower, my girls (J. age 9 and N. age 3, at the time) stayed at home with my husband. I come home to find that while I was gone N. had taken her sisters kid scissors and cut her own hair. She cut […]


Contestant #20

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Brynn sent me these & said, “These are pics of my then 3 1/2 year old youngest son. Still not sure how he got a hold of the clippers, but he was so proud of himself & couldn’t wait to show off his new “hair do”. UGH, I had to shave his whole head to […]


Contestant #21

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*** Warning – I put this one at the very end because it is not for the faint of heart (like those little ones that might look at the blog too! ) *** This doozy is from Candice – and it is actually Candice. I was unsure at first if I should post this or […]

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Last Call …

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I’m sure by now you are tired of hearing about the Bad Haircut Contest — but this is a last call for any pictures you may want to send. The chance to send your pictures my way ends tonight at midnight MST. I’m sorry I was planning on getting another hair post up inbetween my […]

My Horrendous Haircut (6)

Bad Haircut’s Anyone?

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Ever had a bad haircut? Has your daughter ever cut her own hair? Care to share pictures!? Then you’ll want to read this post to find out what you could win for sharing!

Bantu Knots make Pretty Curls (14)

Bantu Knots or Silly Buns = Pretty Curls


Don’t know if you remember this from last summer …. But the aftermath was this: Well, I’ve been meaning to see how it would work if I were to do this on one of the other girls longer hair. This last week Goose didn’t have school on Friday so I decided it’d be a safe […]

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