Row of Knots Hairstyle (11)

A Row of Knots

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Sorry it’s been a few days. My sister came into town w/her kids & has been here since Friday, and so things have been a bit crazy at my house! Soooo …. it happens to the best of us I think. I did this back in January with grand ideas of all these knots so […]

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And the Winner Is…

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BRITNEY SPEARS. Haha — just kidding. Figured I’d have to try that since it’s April Fool’s Day! First off — I got a “warm fuzzy” type of e-mail from a friend, that ironically I thought could go along with this whole bad haircut contest thing. Although not necessarily meant for someone w/a bad haircut, I […]

Uneven 3 Strand Braid (12)

Uneven 3 Strand Braid


Get this awesome look by just changing a regular 3 strand braid a little. Come check out several of the different styles we created using this uneven 3 strand braid.

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