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Fancy Messy Buns (8)

4 Fancy Schmancy Buns

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A while back I mentioned I’d gotten a post from one of my readers – Amy, from Clouse Cousins Cookin’. Over a month ago she sent me a darling do that was done on her niece and I’ve been meaning to share it, but was waiting on a video she’d she’d sent me. Unfortunately I [...]

Surprise Giveaway bows (3)

Surprise Giveaway

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First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU oh sooooo much you lovely ladies who took the time to comment and let me know that there is life out there in cyber space! It tends to get lonely here on my side of the planet when no one says anything, so thanks for making me feel [...]

Rope/Twist Braid - French Style (8)

Rope/Twist Braid – French Style

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I’m sure there is a “real” name for this, but since it is done like a rope/twist braid and a French braid (adding in from each side) that’s what I’m calling this one! I’d call it a French twist, but anything and everything I looked at with that name didn’t resemble what I did here [...]

Hair Share (6)

Even More Pictures from You

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First off, I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Secondly, this is a call for anyone that did anything fun, creative, crazy, fancy schmancy, or cute with their DD’s hair — to send your pictures my way. I’d love to see what you ended out doing, and if you are willing, I’ll post them on [...]


Rope Braid Wrapped Ponytail

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This one is pretty straight forward – or at least I hope it is, because I forgot to take the step by step pictures on this one. But I really liked how it turned out. Begin by making a side part. I do mine on the right side. Then from that side part, make another [...]

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