Headband Hair Trick (6)

Headband Hair Trick


Well, since I introduced my headband “tricks” back in December, and since we had our new little headbands the girls, especially Goose, have wanted to wear them more often. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m still much of a headband fan! Goose seems to always want to wear one when we are running short on time […]

Readers Hair Share (10)

February 2009 Hair Share & 100th Post

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How appropriate that for my 100th post, I post pictures that you fabulous gals have sent me! Because, besides the time I get to spent with my girls, it’s YOU that make this blog fun & possible. So seeing what you guys are up to, just makes me feel all “warm & fuzzy” inside! 🙂 […]

Pull Through & Baby Ponytails (11)

Pull Through & Baby Piggies

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So I know this has probably been done elsewhere, but since my “baby” is turning 2 this week and her hair is finally getting long enough for some of this stuff, I just had to share! I’ve done this on her several times lately, but of course, the day I decide to actually document it, […]

Giveaway & Bow Board (6)

“Caught Commenting” Prize & My Bow Board

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You may or may not remember a while back (before my mass giveaways during Christmas) I just randomly had a giveaway based on people who had commented on my blog on a random post. Well, whether you remembered that or not – I remembered and it’s time for my random “Caught Commenting” giveaway/prize. At Gooses’ […]

Simple Braids & a Turkey Tail (12)

Simple Braids & A Turkey Tail

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Ok, first off, I promise this will be the last one of my “turkey tail’s” for a while! I’ve just had so much fun with the “fan” or “spray” of hair like this I couldnt’ resist posting another. So I hope you’ll humor me! And secondly … if you haven’t noticed I’ve got a poll […]

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