Headband Hair Trick (6)

Headband Hair Trick


Well, since I introduced my headband “tricks” back in December, and since we had our new little headbands the girls, especially Goose, have wanted to wear them more often. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m still much of a headband fan! Goose seems to always want to wear one when we are running short on time […]

Readers Hair Share (10)

Monthly Hair Share & 100th Post

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How appropriate that for my 100th post, I post pictures that you fabulous gals have sent me! Because, besides the time I get to spent with my girls, it’s YOU that make this blog fun & possible. So seeing what you guys are up to, just makes me feel all “warm & fuzzy” inside! hee […]

Pull Through & Baby Ponytails (11)

Pull Through & Baby Piggies

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So I know this has probably been done elsewhere, but since my “baby” is turning 2 this week and her hair is finally getting long enough for some of this stuff, I just had to share! I’ve done this on her several times lately, but of course, the day I decide to actually document it, […]

Giveaway & Bow Board (6)

“Caught Commenting” Prize & My Bow Board

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You may or may not remember a while back (before my mass giveaways during Christmas) I just randomly had a giveaway based on people who had commented on my blog on a random post. Well, whether you remembered that or not – I remembered and it’s time for my random “Caught Commenting” giveaway/prize. At Gooses’ […]

Simple Braids & a Turkey Tail (12)

Simple Braids & A Turkey Tail

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Ok, first off, I promise this will be the last one of my “turkey tail’s” for a while! I’ve just had so much fun with the “fan” or “spray” of hair like this I couldnt’ resist posting another. So I hope you’ll humor me! And secondly … if you haven’t noticed I’ve got a poll […]

Rope Braids back to a Bun (9)

Rope Braid / Turkey Bun Combo

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I’m sorry for the delay in getting back into posting. It was my honey’s birthday this week, and just getting back into the swing of school, etc. after the holiday’s has slowed my computer activities way down! This isn’t what I’d planned on posting – especially since the pictures aren’t that great, but it’s been […]

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