Scarf & Mirror Giveaway – Day 7

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  On the 7th Day of Christmas – Babes in Hairland gave to you … A scarf & a mirror So this is the same colors as the scarf Bug is wearing in the 2nd hairdo in the above post. It’s got light & dark pink stripes with silver in it. Plus a little shimmery […]

Combo Meal Hairstyle (13)

Combo Meal Hair – Day 6

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We’re calling this our “Combo Meal Hairstyle” because it is a combo of knots, 4 strand braids and a messy bun! It’s a great one for keeping your hair back and out of your face!

Candy Cane Striped Bows (2)

Bows by Christine Giveaway – Day 6

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On the 6th Day of Christmas – Babes in Hairland – (well, bow making Diva Christine) gave to you … A Candy Cane Holiday Bow Collection (with count them 6 bows!) Yup – that’s right – she’s so generously offered up this holiday collection for one of you lucky ladies. I actually picked this from […]

4 Rope Twist Hairstyle (22)

4 Rope Braid Twisted Hairstyle

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I’d had Bug’s hair in a loose braid the day before, so we just went with her hair as is to start this one. Part the entire head of hair down the middle – from front to back. Notice Bug’s waves in the right side of her hair. That’s not from her prior day’s hair […]

Maiden America (3)

Maiden America Giveaway – Day 5

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Ok, so I have a confession to make. I’m selfish. That’s right. Selfish. I got all these beautiful new barrettes from Maiden America and after I got them & tried a few out & found that they really don’t come out of the girls hair, I couldn’t bring myself to give any of them away. […]

Polka Dot Headband Hairstyles (16)

Polka Dot Headband – Day 3

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Ok, to be truthful I bought this headband at the same time as the headband scarf – just because I thought it was so cute. And I’d planned on just posting the above picture with her wearing the polka-dot headband just so I could give one away … basically … well, just because!! Then Goose […]

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (18)

Introducing Hair Fancy’s – Day 2


I’ve got to say that with this very fun & different accessory is where this whole ‘quest’ for new & different things was born – clear back in September. My sister-in-law bought some funky looking things that resembled a loose telephone cord that had some beads/charms hanging on the end, at our State Fair. They […]

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