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2 Braided Hearts Video | Valentine’s Day Hairstyle


2 Braided Hearts Video |

Last year we came up with this fun double heart hairstyle and thought we’d make a video since it’s just a great style for Valentine’s Day.  We did it just a little different this year and instead of making the braids all about the same thickness, we made one heart thicker, and one heart thinner.  Hopefully since Valentine’s Day isn’t for a couple weeks, this will give you a little time to “test” it out beforehand if you need!

The one above is with a smaller braid on the outside, the picture below is last year’s attempt.  I’m still not sure which look I like best, but hopefully from our video you’ll get the idea!

2 Braided Hearts | Valentine's Day Hairstyle (13)

Here’s some more views from this attempt with a smaller & larger braid.  Which do you like best?  The braids even sizes, or uneven?

2 Braided Hearts Video | 2 Braided Hearts Video | 2 Braided Hearts Video | 2 Braided Hearts Video | 2 Braided Hearts Video |

For the complete step-by-step “pic-toral” you can check that out in our 2 Braided Hearts post HERE.

You can also check out all our other fun Valentine’s Day hairstyles HERE.  If you try any of them, we’d love if you shared your pictures with us on Facebook!

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  1. Kami says:

    I have two girls and their hair is finally at a stage where I can start doing fun things! I am so glad to be introduced to your website! :)

    • The Mom says:

      So glad you found us! Doing my girl’s hair has been the best opportunity for one on one time with them. Cute hair has just been a by-product of our time together! :)

  2. Jill @ hairstyleupdo says:

    What a great family project.. love this site..

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