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Yes, for those of you that are not aware, there is such a thing as a 4 stranded braid, clear up to 7 strands – and possibly more. For now we’ll stick with the 4 strand, and in another post I’ll show you some of the cool things you can do with the 4 stranded braid, more than just from a ponytail. If I get adventurous and have the time, I’ll show you the 5 strand, but I think it helps to have a ton of hair, time, and patience for those type of braids — and since I lack a lot of those things, we’ll just stick with the smaller ones for now! And be warned, this post is going to have several videos and so if you don’t have time to sit and watch, come back when you do … hopefully it’ll be well worth it!

I’d made videos using colored ribbon first to show it with ribbon hoping it would make it easier, but those videos are unavailable at this time.  So here’s our remade video of how to 4 strand braid.  Hope it makes sense!

There are so many fabulous things you can do with these, and I think it’s neat how they look much more 3 dimensional than a regular old braid. If you can’t see the difference do one of each in your DD’s hair sometime and then you’ll see how cool they really are.

And tonight as I was getting Bug ready for bed I hurry & did one with her clean dried hair. She grabbed this non-PJ matching flower for the pictures. Have I got her trained or what!? 😉 As I said before, it’s not as tight and great as I’d like it, but I just wanted you to see a still picture outside of the videos. Told you this would be a lot to take in! So hopefully you aren’t exasperated & tired of listening to my boring videos! Instead, I hope all of this has helped you and if I’ve only confused you, well then, I’m sorry! If you do want “written” instructions, let me know, but I learn from watching stuff rather than having it verbally explained to me, so maybe some of you out there are the same and this will have been helpful! Oh, and I promise, your fingers will get used to working like this – it’ll just take time. Good luck & Happy braiding!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    How fun ! I just did understand how to do one. Thanks so much. 🙂

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