7 Little Ponies Hairstyle

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7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (1)

We recently were at our State Fair and as the girls were riding one of the rides, I saw a little girl about Bee’s age sporting this hairdo. She had bright rubber bands in it and she had beautiful long dark hair. It looked so cute. I love this one because if you’ve got a baby with enough hair or a toddler this will work great too. Nothing hard here, just parting things out takes the time.

Part out 1 small ponytail at the top center of the head. Don’t make the square of hair too big though.

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (2)

Then make 2 small ponies on the right & the left side of the head. Once you are done, you should have 5 little pony tails around the top of her head. The colored rubber bands are what make this one so cute I think. Again, don’t part too far back – make sure your part is just barely by the ear & not past it.

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (3)

Once you are done with the 5 little ponies, divide the top middle one in half. Make a part in the middle of the head straight back from the split pony tail. 7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (5)

Then part down from that middle part to behind the ear.

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (4)

Now pull the 2 side ponies and the half of the middle pony into that section of hair you just parted out. Combine them all & secure it with a rubber band. Repeat on the other side.

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (6)

That’s it. Nice & easy!

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (7)

A look from above. It’s always so hard to capture all of the pony tails around the head in a picture!

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (8)

She really liked this one – but wondered how to make the letter in sign language since it looks like there are M’s and W’s in this one! She was a bit disappointed when I told her there wasn’t a sign to go along with this hairdo!

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (9)

7 Little Ponies Hairstyle (10)

This is a great one to have for a couple days, or mix up by adding braids or a few more ponies. Maybe we’ll post a variation of it another day!

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  1. Aly says:

    I just tried this and it turned out so cute! I finished it in 2 pigtails and my daughter looks absolutely adorable. Thanks for the cute idea and the clear instructions!

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