Baby Hair Easter Updo


Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (1) I realized it’d been a while since I’d posted anything with Bee’s hair done, so in the spirit Easter, I thought we’d try a quick little updo on my “baby.” This would probably work on anyone’s hair, but it was easy and quick with the little amount of hair she has.

I started with her hair damp after her bath. I then put some of the Garnier curl enhancer stuff I use in it. Part the hair off into a triangle & make a ponytail – loose enough to be able to do a “pull through” and make it look like this: Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (2)

Then on the right side I slightly parted her hair off from from the ear up to the triangle part I’d made in the previous step. Then I loosly pulled her hair back, gave it a slight twist and anchored it with a bobby pin. If you need a refresher on how to put a bobby pin in to really secure twists like this — go HERE and watch the 2nd video.

Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (3)

Then I did the same with the left side of her hair. I pulled this one up higher on her head, because the triangle part from the pull through was angled further away. So this bobby pin ends up a bit higher up, instead of right on the side of her head. Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (4)

Then take the hair that is hanging down in back & loosely sweep it upwards and give it a few good twists – as if you were making a french twist or something.Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (5)

I first anchored it with a bobby pin just like the sides of her head, but in the end I decided to use a clear claw clip. Once you’ve secured it with the clip or bobby pin, let the hair cascade down over the claw clip if you can. Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (6)

So then this is a view from on top. You’ve pulled hair up from all 4 directions of the head — front, 2 sides, and now the back. If your DD has curly hair, you’ll have less work to do at this point. I gathered the mess of hair on top loosely, haphazardly leaving a bit of hair out here or there especially from the sides, and then secured it all with another clear claw clip towards the back – above the first claw clip. (Sorry, I forgot a picture of this step.) Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (7)

Once you’ve gathered all the hair and have things where you want, if you aren’t working with natural curl, grab out a small curling iron & curl away until things look like you want. I have these flowers that I’d glued to baby claw clips some time back & I just positioned them around my clear claw clip to hide it. Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (8)

As I mentioned, I didn’t pull everything back into that 2nd clear claw clip so here you can see from the side, that I still had a few hairs hanging out from the bobby pinned section on the side & I touched those up with my curling iron so they’d hang nicely curled. Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (1)

While taking her pictures she closed her door & wanted to stand in the corner …. (bet you can’t guess who’s a mean mom sometimes & puts her kids in the corner 🙁 … ironically she wasn’t in trouble at this moment, she just wanted to stand there — which helped her to stand still for pictures!) So here’s a view from directly behind her. Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (9)

She got her hands on her some plastic eggs during the whole process (seriously not planned!) and wouldn’t put them down. Here’s a view sort of from the top. Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (10) And our happy Bee! Baby Hair Easter Hairstyle (11)

(As a side note – I guess this kind of just looks like a curly ponytail from the pictures, but to see it for real – it made it a bit fancier & pretty by doing it this way, than just curling a ponytail!) Either way – you can dress it up a bit and curls always make for pretty hair I think.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. And if you don’t happen to celebrate Easter, I wish you a fabulous weekend all the same. Hopefully spring time is starting to actually manifest itself wherever you are. I think it might hit 60 today here. Finally!

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  1. Erin says:

    awe…Just saw this one…I love seeing bee so little!!! very cute (as always) I really like this hair style!

    • The Mom says:

      I totally forgot about that one! I think it’s fun too to look back and see how much she’s changed! Thank you so much Erin for always commenting & sharing on FB. So many people just visit and never let us know they are here – so I appreciate you taking the time to say hi! 🙂

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