Braids and Ribbon Hairstyle


Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

One of my favorite things to add to an otherwise simple hairstyle is micro-braids.  I don’t know why I love them so much but I do!  This is yet another simple style – nothing too complex about it, but I love the look the micro braids give it.

Step 1 – Make a ponytail Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 2 – Add ribbon

I guess this step could technically be optional!  Make sure the ribbon you use is a bit longer than the ponytail so you don’t run out.  Secure it on the under side of the ponytail.  Leave just a little tail so it doesn’t pull out. Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 3 – Part out small section of hair from under the ponytail Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 4 – Make a micro braid with that section Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 5 – Wrap around base of ponytail & secure

We wrapped and secured the braid by using the same method we show in THIS video (it’s just that we’ve wrapped a braid, not straight hair around the base of the ponytail.)  You could bobby pin it or use a Topsy Tail if that works better for you.  Be sure the braid wraps around that little tail of ribbon underneath as well. Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 6 – Make 2 micro braids in the ponytail & secure with elastics

Part out small sections that are closer to the right & left edges of the ponytail.  You don’t want these to be too close to each other.  Braid down as far as you can & secure the ends. Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 7 – Make a regular 3 strand braid & secure with an elastic

Use the ribbon as your middle strand & make a regular braid.  The hardest part of this style is keeping those micro braids on top so when you plait the braid they still show up!      Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle |

Step 8 – Wrap ribbon (optional)

If you have extra ribbon that extends past the end of your braid, you can wrap it around the clear elastic at the bottom, or just cut the extra off & hide it in the hair below the elastic.


Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.comRibbon & Braids Hairstyle | Ribbon & Braids Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.comIMG_2778~NRibbon & Braids Hairstyle |

That’s it!  See what a few micro braids can add to an otherwise simple style?  This would be great for a Christmas style too if you were to add a red or green ribbon instead!

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5 Responses

  1. Wendy says:

    This looks awesome!! Of course, the fact that Bee has amazing hair helps too!!! 🙂

  2. This is so pretty. And oh my goodness, I can’t believe how long her hair is now!

  3. karen banks says:

    i just love this so easy but beautiful

  4. Natalie says:

    OMG….it’s so easy and cute. I’ll try this hairstyle today for my sister.

  5. Michelle says:

    Thank you for all of your tutorials and videos! I must say that your girls have absolutely stunning hair! 🙂 I hope to try some of these out on my oldest. 🙂 Thank you!

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