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This pretty style is one that is so simple but makes a regular ponytail look fab!  Bee wore this when we were out running errands one day and we had several people stop to take a peek!  We just love this!   I keep waiting for chevron to be a thing of the past, but it keeps popping up all over – so why not include it in a hairstyle!?

Obviously this is nothing hard, but here’s what we did.  And this can be done on just about any age or any length of hair as long as you can make a ponytail!

Step 1 – Make a ponytail

Chevron Ponytail from

Step 2 – Wrap the rubber band (optional)

You can watch our hair wrapped ponytail video HERE.

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Step 3 – From each side of the ponytail section out a piece of hair

To keep these sections of hair a bit tidier, I misted them with a bit of water to keep the fly aways down.  Pull a piece from the left and the right and bring to the front of the ponytail.

Step 4 –  Join the pieces together

With a small rubber band, join the 2 pieces from the sides so it lays on top of the ponytail.  Be sure not to include any hair from the main ponytail.  You can make this style funner by using a variety of colored rubber bands so that the color makes the design sort of “pop.”

Chevron Ponytail from (3)

Step 5 – Flip the mini-ponytail

This is really optional, but we tucked the end of the mini-ponytail up and over the rubber band to “flip” it – which twists the the 2 small sections of hair that wrap around the sides of your ponytail.  So the picture above is with the pieces just joined together and the picture below shows it once it’s been flipped through.

Chevron Ponytail from (4)

Step 6 –  Repeat steps 3-5

You can do this as far down the ponytail as you like.  We did 6 different sections and used light & dark purple rubber bands.  Be sure that you do not include any other mini-ponytails as you work your way down.  They are all separate ponytails that float on top of the main one.

**TIP: As you get further down the ponytail it might help to cross the sections of hair behind the ponytail first before joining them in front.  I found it helped direct the hair where I wanted as I got toward the bottom. **

Chevron Ponytail from (5)

Chevron Ponytail from (6)

 Here’s the 2nd mini-ponytail after it has been flipped through and given the more twisted look.

Chevron Ponytail from (7)


Chevron Ponytail from (10)

Chevron Ponytail from (8)

Chevron Ponytail from (9)

We love that this is yet another fun way to jazz up a normal ponytail.  It’s great for a school day and has been even nicer for containing a ponytail on these windy Spring days.

Chevron Ponytail from (11)

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    • The Mom says:

      Thanks Lucy! And again, thanks for always taking a minute to comment when you like stuff we do! It means a lot!

  1. So beautiful. I’m in my twenties and want to do it to my hair!

  2. Jamie says:

    perfect for school!

  3. Targol says:

    I found your site last night and I was spending the whole night till 9 a.m to search it, I love it! You’re great at this. Thank you so much!! It helped me a lot!

  4. Patricia says:

    Did this one and loved it. So much fun to do

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