Chinese Bun

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Chinese Bun (2)     Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the area in which I live, but it seems like I’m seeing a lot more people (not just grown women) wearing Hair Sticks. I happened upon some cheapies recently while at Target. Some of the fancier ones can be rather “pin like” on the ends (and that would pose a possible eye-poking-out hazard) – but these were not pokey, so I decided to buy a pair and try them out. Nothing complex or new here, but Bug really like these in her hair (except when she tried to lay down on the couch – they hampered that a bit, but other than that there wasn’t a single complaint all day.) And the bonus – it’s a really quick one!

For this hairdo, all you’ll need is a pony tail holder, a few bobby pins, and of course hair sticks (obviously this can’t be done w/o them, but if your hair is long it’ll be something you can do too if you haven’t already tried something like this!)

Begin with a basic ponytail – high in the middle of the head.Chinese Bun (3)

I don’t have a picture of this – but to begin, take the 1st stick and push it through the hair in front of the base of the ponytail (so the stick is right against the scalp) Then split the ponytail into 2 sections – take the left side and wrap it up over the left side of the stick and then the right hair section up over the right side of the stick like this:

Chinese Bun (4)

This is how it’ll look from the side:

Chinese Bun (5)

Then pull those sections down underneath the base of the ponytail and cross the right section over the left – pulling it tight.

Chinese Bun (6)

At this point I didn’t get any more pictures, but after crossing them as shown above, bring 2 sections of hair back up to the top of the head (keeping the hair behind the sticks – or closest to the head). Depending on how long your DD’s hair is will determine how many times you have to repeat those steps.

Once you run out of hair, tuck the very ends in so they are hidden under the bun. Technically the idea of hairsticks I think is that you don’t need any thing else to hold the hair in place, but because Bug’s hair is fine & tends to slip out of things easily, I then anchored the ends in with a few bobby pins, just to ensure the bun didn’t come undone. Once you’ve anchored the ends, poke the 2nd stick through at whatever angle you wish — and Ta-Da!

From the back the sticks may look overly large and big for her kiddo sized head, but they really aren’t. They stick out nicely from the front, but not too much – at least I didn’t think so.

Chinese Bun (9)

From the side with both sticks in:

Chinese Bun (8)

And again from the back – like I said the up close pixs make the sticks seem so long, but they really weren’t and they worked great.

Chinese Bun (7)

You could do the same thing, but braid or twist the 2 sections first and then wrap them around the sticks. I’m going to try that the next time I try this.

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