Crazy Hair Day

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Recently Goose was talking with her friends, who all happen to attend different schools and she told me one of them had just had crazy hair day this week.  It made me realize I’d never posted their crazy hair from last school year.  Our school always has it toward the end of the year – but being that Halloween is just around the corner and every school does it at different times, I thought I’d share with you are crazy hairstyles.  I’m more of the thought that they should be called “ridiculous or embarrassing hairstyles” – because I have theeee hardest time sending them out the door looking like this!

But to start, I had to recommend a fun book we randomly pulled off the shelf a while ago that fits with this crazy hair post.  If you haven’t read it or want a cute book to go along with your kiddo’s crazy hair day – this is perfect!  A quick summary of the book is that it’s Crazy Hair Day at school and Stanley can’t wait! He even gets up early to coax his hair into multicolored spikes.  Find out what happens when he arrives at school with his new hair-do!  (Let’s just say this is my fear every time it’s crazy hair day at our school!)

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (8)

First up is Bug.  She was all about having her hair wrap around her head some how – and since it’s not overly long – this is what we came up with.  We braided the front sections and secured them under her chin with several rubber bands to make a pointy “goatee” for her!

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (7)

 Then with the remaining hair in back we made a ponytail and did rubber band wraps in 6 different sections of hair.  We wanted to make sure you could see the rubber bands in her darker hair.  Then we clipped a few of the silly sections of hair so the tails of them would spray out all willy nilly.

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (5)

Here’s a view from the side.  Definitely crazy I’d say!

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (6)

 Then for Goose she wanted something a little less involved (translated – a bit cooler for a girl her age!), but still crazy.  We made a ponytail in back.  Made 2 braids in the ponytail.

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (4)

We then wrapped the braids around the front of her head and joined them smack in the middle with a rubber band  Then wrapped a few more higher up to make a “sprout” or unicorn like horn sticking straight up on the front of her head.

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (2)

Ever since we posted this fun style years ago that one of our readers submitted to win circus tickets – Goose has always thought it’d be hilarious to have a Polly Pocket in her hair!

Monthly Hairshare 8/10 (45)

So our crowning “jewel” of her hairstyle was one of Bee’s Polly Pockets we positioned on top to hang on for dear life!  We secured the Polly Pocket 2 ways.  First we had her legs straddle the “horn” section of  the hair and wrapped a clear rubber band around her legs.  Then we put a clear rubber band around her waist and with a tiny claw clip behind her we grabbed the rubber band and a little hair with it.  That Polly Pocket hadn’t moved an inch when the girls got home!

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (3)

Crazy Hair Day Styles #2 (9)

 So there you have it!  Perfect for Crazy Hair Day, or if you prefer to just be crazy with your hair on Halloween instead of dressing up, these would be perfect too!  Be sure to check out all our other crazy/Halloween hair styles here!  Be sure to come back next week to check out some fun new Halloween styles! 🙂

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