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I realized it’s been a while since we shared anything with Curlformers, and since Curlformers recently came out with a new Deluxe range of curlers, and they’ve got such a wide variety of curls (both width and length) we thought it’d be fun to share a video showing the new deluxe range of Curlformers as well as to have a giveaway.  I’d wanted to do the giveaway so the winner would hopefully receive them by Mother’s Day, but if you read one of our recent posts, life hasn’t exactly been going as we’d hoped, and so I apologize that the timing on this didn’t quite work out!

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

If you’ve followed our blog long enough, you know that we LOVE Curlformers.  I love the perfect curls they give every time, and even better the curl last for several days so we are able to take advantage of fabulous curls and incorporate them into our different hairstyles.  We’ve used them since 2009 and until recently been using their “classic” color range of curlers, but they recently have come out with a new Deluxe range and they are just as wonderful.

Instead of being multi-color like the classic range (one color curled clockwise, the other color curled counter-clockwise) , they are solid color for one direction of curl, and have a gold stripe running down the middle of the opposite direction.  They are great!

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

As with the older versions of Curlformers, you still put the hook through the curler and then with the hook you pull the hair through the Curlformer.


Curlformers have 3 different widths of curls (Barrel, Sprial & Corkscrew) and have 4 different lengths of curl.  Short – for hair up to 8″, Long – for hair up to 14″, Extra Long – for hair up to 22″ and Super Long – (which we use) for hair up to 29″.  So obviously they are perfect for anyone, regardless of the length of hair you’re working with, or of the thickness of curl you are looking for.

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly You always need to start with wet hair.  You can use Curlformers in straight or curly hair.  We obviously have straight hair at our house!  You can sleep in them, or dry them with your hairdryer, using a Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment.  This speeds up the process, however, then they obviously aren’t no-heat curls.

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

This time we used a Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling Kit Spiral Curls for Super Long Hair.  There are 40 Curlformers in a package and it works out to be exactly the right amount of curlers.  Years ago, when my 11 year old had much shorter hair, we were able to use about 16 Curlformers in her hair and it worked great too.  But the more hair you have, the more curlers you’ll need.  You can check out her Short Hair Curlformer Video HERE.

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

She slept in her Curlformers rather than blowing them dry. Once you remove all the Curlformers, you’ll have amazing big curls.  Because she has so much hair, her curls tend to be big ringlets, and while they look fine like this, I choose to break the curls up into smaller curls.  So I basically make 3-4 curls out of 1 big one.

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

So the picture above is before I “break up” the curls, and the picture below is after.

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

Here are a bunch more pictures of the gorgeous results we got from our Deluxe Range Spiral Curls for Super Long Hair.  I just LOVE the results.

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

How to Use Curlformers from #curlformers #curls #hair #hairstyle #curly

Now, enough of showing you our amazing curls that we got!  We know you want some too!  ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY!!


Up for grabs: 1 Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling Kit of your choice

(You’ll choose which length & width Curlformers kit best suits your hair)

*A kit includes 40 Curlformers

*2 Styling Hooks and

* 1 Luxury, Dark Silver, Satin Vanity Bag


Enter using the widget below.  Giveaway ends Monday, May 9, 2016 @ 11:59 MST

Winner to be announced May 10, 2016 here on our blog.

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* Disclaimer – I was sent Curlformers Deluxe Range Styling kits to review, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

**Disclaimer — This page contains affiliate links. If you click on an item and purchase it, we receive a small % of the sale price. This does not change the price of your item. By purchasing these items it’s like saying a little “thank you” to us! -

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  1. Kristina says:

    One thing I don’t understand about this givaway… 5 entries are devoted only to those who already own curlformers. So a significant leg up is given to people who are entering for another set, or I guess they could lie. We don’t own any, but I really want to, so I can’t tag a picture of us in them or displaying their results.

    Just a thought- I don’t know if this requirement could be changed at this point.

  2. Becky says:

    Kristina – Hey, I’m sorry I just saw this. For some reason it didn’t come to my e-mail as comments normally do. I understand where you’re coming from and apologize if that excluded you on that part of the giveaway, but that part of the giveaway was requested by Curlformers as part of the giveaway. Thanks for your understanding.

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