Easy 1 Minute Knotted Hairstyle


Because my computer and new camera haven’t liked each other very much, I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now to get this posted and I finally gave up!  I re-shot the video with my old camera because right now I just don’t have time to deal with computer problems & I was excited to share this totally quick & easy style with you.

Easy 1 Minute Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.com

 This is seriously the best hairstyle ever if you are running late.  I’ve done this several times and each time it takes us under 1 minute to do, so you can’t beat that!  Check it out!

See?  Totally easy & quick.

Step 1 –  Part out hair from the left and right ear

Don’t make a full half pony, parting the hair from ear to ear.  I found it makes it easier to do if you are working with less hair.

Step 2 – Wrap the hair around your left hand to make a loop

Step 3 –  Pull the ends of the hair with your right hand through the loop

Don’t pull the hair all the way through though!  You want a loop to fasten bobby pins to.  Leave ends spraying out the bottom.

Step 4 – Secure the top loop with a few bobby pins

We’ve done this over and over & it holds with 2 or 3 bobby pins.  But depending on the hair you are working with, add more if you need!  This will hold up at school, but you’ll obviously need more bobby pins if you want it to stand up to a fun filled recess! 🙂


Easy 1 Minute Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.com

Easy 1 Minute Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.com Easy 1 Minute Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.com Easy 1 Minute Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.com Don’t forget to PIN this and share using the social media buttons below!  🙂

Easy 1 Minute Hairstyle | BabesInHairland.com

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  1. kim says:

    Great idea when running late, THX…

  2. tinny says:

    this is best hairstyle for evening party

  3. Romesh Modi says:

    This hairstyle is very amazing.

  4. Human Hair Extentions says:

    Nice Hairs & Hairstyle too

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