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I realize Halloween is now over, but I said I’d share our costumes the day after, but I ended out with a migraine and then just had some other things come up, so better late then never, I say!

In the past, I’ve said I don’t sew.  I’ll change that to – “I sew (sort of) … but everything leading up to the actual sewing I can’t do!”  The girls told me what they wanted to be this year & outside of Bug’s request, I figured I’d be able to find something for the other two girls.  Wrong.  So two weeks before Halloween I came to the grim realization that I was going to have to sew their costumes.  Everything that possibly could have gone wrong sewing their costumes went wrong.  Starting with the pattern being wrong and telling me a totally wrong amount of fabric to buy.  It went down hill from there.  I basically lived at my sewing machine for 2 weeks straight, and it’s a miracle I made it out alive to tell about it!  I nearly had a mental break down!

Things turned out wonderful in the end & I was very pleased with how their costumes turned out, but it left me questioning my sanity, that’s for sure!  Either way – here is what our Halloween for this year looked like.

Bug was first to request her costume — she wanted to be a sheep.  Yes, a sheep.  Don’t ask me why, but when she gets something in her head, there is no changing it.  Random as it was, I figured I’d just glue “a few” cotton balls on something & I’d be done.  Well — over 500 cotton balls later and a ton of hot glue she was pretty much  taken care of.

Sheep Halloween Costume

 Well, we decided “Sheepy” had to have a side kick – so Bee played the part of Little Bo Peep.  I thought it should have been the other way around and Bee should have been the sheep – but we don’t do things traditional at our house I guess! 🙂  Her costume had to be made up quite a bit because of so many issues I ran into following the pattern.

Little Bo Peep Halloween Costume

 Here the duo is together!  Bee had a ball with her shepherd’s crook (aka Christmas yard ornament candy cane sprayed white) snagging Bug and keeping her in line!

Sheep & Little Bo Peep Costumes

Goose had plans of her own & wanted to be Rapunzel.  Sewing her dress was truly a labor of love because it took me so long to figure things out because we had to ad lib a bit on it as well.  But in the end it turned out beautifully, right down to her extra long hair!  She loved it.  She had so many people asking if it was her real hair.  Mission accomplished!

Rapunzel Costume

 Here’s a view from behind at her luscious locks!  I should have stepped back a bit further to get the whole braid in the picture.

Rapunzel Costume

 Sorry for the poor lighting on these pictures.  The pictures don’t do her look justice!

Rapunzel Costume

 She told me she thinks it’d be awesome if her hair were really that long.  I’m not sure I could handle it! 🙂

Rapunzel Costume - Rapunzel Hair

Here all 3 of them are getting ready to go out Halloween night.  All my hard work paid off, and I had 3 happy girlies on my hands.  And in the end that is what I wanted.

Rapunzel, Little Bo Peep & her Sheep Costumes

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11 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    Oh I just LOVE the Rapunzel with the long hair and flowers!!!!!
    What a great job you did! 🙂

  2. Grandma Jessie says:

    “Sew” cute. “Sew” sweet. Love all FOUR of the Babes in Hairland girls

  3. Aliceson says:

    It does look like her real hair! How did you do that? Did you buy extensions? The color is perfect.

    • The Mom says:

      Yes, we bought some “fake hair” and added it into her already long hair. I bought it online and really lucked out w/the color matching fairly well! Maybe next year I’ll have to do a tutorial on how we did this!

    • cami says:

      I for one would LOVE to see how you did rapunzels hair.

    • The Mom says:

      I actually did take pictures when we did this last year that I’d totally forgotten about. They weren’t the greatest pictures though, so I’ll have to see what I can do. 🙂 Stay tuned!

  4. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh!!! these are terrific!!! I love them!

  5. Jamy says:

    So impressive!!!!! I can’t believe you sewed those! They are fantastic! Love the rapunzel hair, too!

  6. Grandma Porter says:

    For someone who keeps saying she doesn’t sew, your girls look fantastic! Sorry about the headache. I just thought you were tired after all that sewing and that was why we hadn’t seen any photos of the girls.

  7. Gita says:

    The costumes look awesome. Rapunzel’s hair is tooooo good to be “fake” (i know that’s not the correct phrase) and i love the hairstyle. its from the original movie isn’t it?

  8. Wendy says:

    That Rapunzel braid is amazing! The flowers on it looked gorgeous! Yep, your hard work paid off!!!!!

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