Introducing Hair Fancy’s – Day 2


Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (1)

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (2)

I’ve got to say that with this very fun & different accessory is where this whole ‘quest’ for new & different things was born – clear back in September. My sister-in-law bought some funky looking things that resembled a loose telephone cord that had some beads/charms hanging on the end, at our State Fair. They looked like this:Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (3)

So my search began. I looked all over on line under all kinds of key words and finally found a site that had a very similar thing, and now that I have both of them, I really like these better. They are a bit chunkier and showed up more in the girls hair.

So I’d like to introduce you to today’s hair accessory: Hair Fancy’s. Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (4)

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (5) They are something totally different than anything I’ve ever used, so it’s been fun to experiment with them and see what all can be done with them. You can find most of the info I’ll tell you also over on their website (which I’ll give in a bit), but as long as you’re here, I’ll fill you in. They come in 3 sizes – mini (which are the white ones), medium (the pink) and then a long which is about 12 inches long. I really didn’t have need for one that long so I didn’t end out getting one. They are hand made out of a blend of acrylic clay. They bend and move easily because they are made from clay. They can be made in any color – solid or mixtures of colors. And on the medium & long ones they add charms/be to the ends. For the decorations on the ends they use natural gem stones, Austrian crystals & glass beads and you can have just about any type of themed charm on the end – any shape, sport, music related, animal, flowers, etc. You can totally personalize them for your little girl & the possibilites are endless. For the ones I ordered they put a coating on them that gives them a pearly or shimmery finish. Very pretty I think.

Anyway, to put your Hair Fancy into your DD’s hair, you need a small amount of hair about the size of a small pencil. Because I was putting these in right against Goose’s scalp, it helped to have her hair damp a bit. Then I twisted it to the right a few times.

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (6)

I must apologize for the next picture – my husband was taking them for me while I did this so I seriously was not trying to flip anyone off! The actual directions say to hold the Hair Fancy with your thumb and index finger but I apparently skipped that part! Sorry! This is the way it worked best for me when putting these in. I positioned the Hair Fancy’s end sort of on top so it hooked around the top of my twist. On their site when they are positioned up front like this the Fancy starts underneath. I’m going to have to play with these some more, but they worked fine like this too.Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (7)Then just wind the hair within the spiral following it down all the way. You can either have your whole strand of hair twisted, or you can just have the beginning of it twisted, but I found it looked more “tidy” if it was a bit damp and twisted all the way down before you add the Hair Fancy.

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (8)

Keep twisting …

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (9)

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (10) And here’s how it looked once the mini was positioned in the strand of hair.

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (11)

I had my husband help make a video of me putting this in so you could see how easy they are to put in – as well as to pull out but for whatever reason things were not uploading tonight. If I have time I’ll try add it later, but for now you’re just stuck with my pictures! But to remove them you just have to hold the hair at the top part of the Hair Fancy & they just glide right out. Very slick. If you have it just in a part of your hair like is shown in some of the pictures on their website, it’d even be faster to pull them out because they aren’t so close to the base of the hair.

Anyway – as far as this hair do, it’s very basic, quick & simple. I just parted out 5 sections of hair around the front of Goose’s face & twisted a Hair Fancy into each one.

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (12)

Sorry my parts were apparently crappy on this!

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (13)

Then I pulled all 5 sections back and joined them with a rubber band. Then I added my medium length Hair Fancy to hang down the “tail” of all those 5 ponytails that I’d joined in the back.

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (14)

I tried to get a closer up picture of the end of my medium one – it has the pink beads and the heart is silver and says “love.”

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (15)

Then I added a little bow to cover up the rubber band and tie it all together. Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (16)

Goose really liked these and they stayed in very well. She wore them to a church party and we had lots of compliments on these & people wondering where we got them.

Hair Fancy's Hairstyle (17)

So if you too, are wondering where to get these – you will find them here – at Hair Fancy’s or easy enough to remember They readily admit that their website is a work in progress because these ladies work a lot of Fair’s all across the southern part of the U.S. & don’t spend a ton of time on the computer (like me! 🙂 )But they were easy to contact via e-mail or calling them – and I did both. If you are interested in buying any of these, be sure to tell them I sent you. These really are as they say, “The One and Only” because it took me quite a while to find them! I hope you like these as much as I did for a fun and cute new look.

So if you want to enter for a chance to win some of these – keep scrolling. Oh, and if you’ve already entered for the headband you don’t have to tell me the same Christmas stuff! You can just enter. But if you’ve yet to enter go check out the rules here. Good luck!


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  1. Kathy says:

    I think you should make a youtube video on how to put hair fancys in. Me and my sister bought one at a art festival and I can not put it in.

  2. Emily says:

    Hi I am Emily from Hong Kong, may I know how can I buy from US to HK? Thanks.


    • The Mom says:

      You would have to contact the website where I purchased these. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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