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If you have been with us from day 1, you probably know that the girls have cut their hair and donated it to Locks of Love.  In fact, just a couple months before we started this blog, Goose cut over a foot off her hair – but because it was before we started blogging we’ve never really shown her “before” pictures.  The very first hairstyle I ever posted was with her long hair.  All the other hairstyles we’ve posted were post hair cut.  Now 5 years later, her hair had grown a lot and there was a choice to be made.  We’ve been keeping a secret for a couple months now and it’s finally time to share!

Locks of Love Haircut from BabesInHairland.com (3)

Locks of Love Haircut from BabesInHairland.com (1)

She’s to the point where she is starting to do her own hair some days and I wanted her to have enough to work with.  Last time she got her hair cut off to her shoulders and we barely could pull it into a ponytail.  I had suggested just getting a “healthy trim” but she didn’t want to.  She saw this little picture that has floated around the internet for a few years and she was even more determined to be able to donate her hair again.

Little Cancer Patient Coloring on Hair in Mirror


Her hair was over 30 inches long from her center part and so she had a decision to make on how much to cut.  She still wanted to have long enough hair to do herself, so she didn’t cut as much off this time as last time.  But I’m so proud of her for the selfless act she did in cutting it again.

Locks of Love Haircut from BabesInHairland.com (2)

So here’s the little video “diary” I put together showing the haircut and a few pictures from the past.  Hope you enjoy it.  I’m so proud of Goose!

I know there are several places you can donate your hair if you cut it, but we have chosen Locks of Love to send it to.  For more information you can see their website HERE.

We’ve been enjoying Goose’s shorter hair and are excited to show you some of the new styles we’ve done with her newer hair.  It’s also been a lot more manageable for her as she’s been doing her own hair too.  She has rather thick hair and with it being so long it was almost becoming a bit cumbersome for her.  So we’re excited with her new look & we love it!


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  1. Wendy says:

    Oh my goodness Goose! I love the pics from the previous haircut. You look so grown up, and what a huge heart you have! Way to go, so proud of you! xoxoxo

  2. What a sweet girl. Very cool! Even with 10 inches off, her hair is still quite long!

    • The Mom says:

      Thanks Kori! Ya, it still is pretty long. It didn’t seem like a whole lot when she first handed me the ponytail! But it makes such a difference in everything we do with her hair now!

  3. What an awesome the you did Goose. You have helped make some little girls day better!!

    • The Mom says:

      Thanks so much! She is so happy she could help other little kids that will need her hair.

  4. Kathy says:

    Way to go Goose! It’s so nice you donated our hair to someone who needs it. When I read that her hair was more than thirty inches long, I wondered how tall Goose is since 22 inches from my scalp is at my belly button. I am 5’2. How tall is Goose?

    • The Mom says:

      Her hair was parted down the middle and then we measured from that part to the ends and it was just over 30 inches. She is tall for her age – she’s 5’3″ and 11 years old. Maybe if we had parted her hair differently or measured from a different spot it would have measured a little less I’m not sure! All I know is she had tons of hair! ;-)

  5. Melissa says:

    Goose’s hair is gorgeous! The girl who gets it is lucky!

  6. Jamie says:

    I am not writing this to bring any negativity to your daughter’s heart and motive, but I really don’t think Locks of Love is a good organization. They sell the hair. Your daughter has such beautiful hair, she should just enjoy her long hair. It is very unlikely that her hair is ever going to find its way to a child. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/14/locks-of-love-controversy_n_3269078.html

    • Anonapotamus says:

      Jamie is right; Locks of Love has an awful reputation and have consistently had reported issues with misusing donations, both financial and hair. They also allow people to believe and advertise that they make wigs for children with cancer, even though they are not. LoL wigs are mainly given to sufferers of alopecia, which is still a very good cause to support, but instead of clearing up the myths and educating people about alopecia, they choose to profit from the misinformation. Sadly, even with the millions of hair donations, LoL wigs are still not free for many of the recipients.

      That said, I think it is wonderful that you are encouraging your girls to give back to their communities, and they are obviously very loving and giving.

      For those who want to donate and are looking for a LoL alternative, Pantene Beautiful Lengths has a very good reputation, as does Wigs For Kids.
      If you have shorter hair and are looking to donate, Matter of Trust accepts short hair and salon clippings to help clean up oil spills.

  7. KTay says:

    I just did this in January! My hair was a little bit shorter than Goose’s though. My mom said i should just get a “healthy trim” too : ) Having shorter hair will be SOO nice for the summer. Way to go Goose!

    • The Mom says:

      LOL – ya that’s a healthy trim alright! Yes, she’s enjoying the shorter hair now that it’s gotten warmer. Awesome that you did this as well. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to do.

  8. Crystal says:

    Just found your blog from Pinterest. It’s wonderful what your daughter did. I just donated about 12 inches on the 6th. When my daughter is old enough I’ll see if she wants to grow her hair out too, right now her hair is barely long enough for it to curl once.

    • The Mom says:

      Awesome that you donated your hair too. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to do. I don’t have much hope for my hair to ever get that long to be able to donate it, so I’m happy my girls are able to!

  9. ella says:

    I have 33 inches (measured the same way) when my hair is wavy , like it is naturally but when it is straight I add like another 2-3 inches !

  10. elizabeth says:

    why to go goose! my daughter is 11 too!!

  11. elizabeth says:

    i mean ‘way to go”! ;-)

  12. Tamara says:

    She did a great job AGAIN, and you can be very proud of her!! Anyone who says different should just mind their own business!! She looks beautiful with and without long hair, and somewhere out there there are some kids who feel just as beautiful now!! All I can say is : RESPECT…

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