Our Try at Tween Braids


If you remember, back at the beginning of December, my sister-in-law shared a fabulous style with us that I dubbed “Tween Braids.” If you missed it – go HERE for the tutorial on it. So yes, I know Bee isn’t a tween, and I’ve actually done this do on the other girls, but always forgotten to take pictures – but I loved this one especially on Bee when I did it just half way down and joined them in back. It just looked so sweet on her! So of course, I had to share! Tween Braids #2 (1)

We got her all “guzzied” up for her pre-school Christmas program and she looked so cute! We only parted out 3 sections to braid (see the tutorial linked above) and then braided down to the ends of the hair & joined them in the back with a rubber band.

Tween Braids #2 (2)

Tween Braids #2 (3)

Instead of just leaving it straight in back I used my small curling iron & curled small random pieces and then sprayed them with hair spray so they’d stay individually curled & not end out being one big ringlet in back. The rest of the hair that hung down, I gently curled under with my flat iron. Added a cute bow & we were ready to hear her sing her little heart out!

Tween Braids #2 (4)

Here’s a view of our crazy parts.

Tween Braids #2 (5)

And our happy little Bee ready to go sing for her Christmas program! Needless to say, her hair was a hit!

Tween Braids #2 (6)

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  1. Jen says:

    I love your cute and creative hairstyles! I have done several on my little girl and get so many compliments wherever we go. I always refer people to your website! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Edith says:

    Hello you have amazing and a great variety of hairstyles! I see there isnt a tutorial for this one. Can you please put one up? My 4 year old is a flower girl and I love this hairstyle for the wedding pictures.

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