Pocahontas Braids & Chains


Earlier this week the whole 2nd grade at Goose’s school put on a fun program full of songs & dances and so she wanted to have a fun hairdo for the day. Since Bug is off school this whole week we had a few extra minutes to do hair on Goose, and since she loves chains/knots so much, we did this one really quick.

Sorry I don’t have step by step – but you can go HERE for instructions on how to make the chain/row of knots and then once I’d made the chain I just included them into the good ol’ Pocahontas braids. I incorporated the chain into the middle section of hair in the braid. I got the loops of the chain a bit bigger & thicker than I’d of liked, but it still turned out really cool & she got lots of compliments on it from people at school. I really liked this one to switch things up on regular old braids. Plus it made her look like she had a headband of loops that disappeared into the braids. Love it!

Pocahontas Braids & Chains (1) Pocahontas Braids & Chains (2) Pocahontas Braids & Chains (3) Pocahontas Braids & Chains (4)

Really not a hard hair do – but one that’s bound to get looks & compliments! Oh – and be sure to make the chain extra long to ensure it’ll reach into the braid. Once you’ve pulled it into the braid and have done a few plates of the braid, you can just undo the rest of the chain and incorporate it like it never existed! Be sure not to pull too tight on the chain or the loops won’t stay circular (I kinda pulled a bit too hard so mine aren’t as great of circles) – they’ll end out more like an oval or some weird stretched shape! And that’s it – I had one happy girl ready to sing her heart out!

Pocahontas Braids & Chains (5)

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  1. Erin says:

    Those chains are amazing! Am definitely going to give them a try to wear them to class next week… though I do have butter fingers and I’m sure will probably end up in a knotted mess! 😛

    • The Mom says:

      I’m so glad you love them! Without fail, whenever one of the girls wears them people stop us and ask if it’s their real hair, a headband, or how we did it! It’s always a crowd pleaser! With a little practice I’m sure you’ll make them look awesome!

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