Ponies and a Messy Bun


Ponies and a Messy Bun (11)

I’d totally forgotten about this one. I’d done it clear back at the beginning of the year just after Bee had smacked her head on a metal bed frame, so she is sporting a nice bruise/goose egg on her forehead. At the time I felt so bad for her and it hurt just looking at her so I must have unconsciously filed this away for a later time!

This is really quite simple as well as quick & easy. Bee still has a lot of baby hair up front and at the nape of her neck and so unless I really plaster her hair with product I can’t just give her a plain old ponytail or bun in back. If I don’t plaster it she has hair falling out of the pony in no time and into her face. So this was my solution the day I did this!

Part the hair out along the crown – from the temples to towards the back of the head.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (1)
Make a pony tail & secure it with a rubber band.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (2)

On the right side make another little ponytail – part the hair a bit further back behind the ear if you can. Secure the ponytail with a rubber band.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (3)
Repeat on the left side. I think I pulled a bit more hair up from behind the ear on this side. So see? It doesn’t have to be exact & perfect!

Ponies and a Messy Bun (4)

Once you have 3 ponies across the front of the head, take the remaining hair hanging down in back & make another pony tail – for a total of four.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (5)
Then take all 4 pony tails and pull them towards the middle of the head (this will bring the bottom ponytail upwards.)

Ponies and a Messy Bun (6)
Combine all 4 ponies into another ponytail (for a total of 5) and secure with a rubber band. You’ll have 1 big ponytail smack in the middle of the head now. This should be higher than that 4th ponytail you’d made a second ago.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (7)
At this point you could just leave it – but we went for a messy bun this time. Take another rubber band and wrap it around the ponytail, but on the last time wrapping, don’t pull the hair all the way through & you’ll form a loop.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (8)
I did the messy bun my way (go HERE for the video) — add a green beetle (or bug of your choice) & with your choice of accessory you’re good to go. I got this darling white bow from Flowerz in Her Hair. Doing a pony or bun this way keeps all those little fly aways in place & it holds up with hours of play!

Ponies and a Messy Bun (9)
She had to have toys in her hands for whatever reason when I was taking all of these!

Ponies and a Messy Bun (12)

Ponies and a Messy Bun (11)

Promise she’s not flashing a gang sign or something here! Like I said – quite basic and easy but a problem solver. Those are my fav’s!

Ponies and a Messy Bun (10)

And our silly little Bee … see the nice ding on her forehead? It was so sad.

Ponies and a Messy Bun (14)

Ponies and a Messy Bun (13)

Oh, and don’t forget to answer my “Just Wondering Wednesday” question HERE!

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  1. rachael says:

    My daughter is in a wedding in october and I was wondering if this would work on thin/fine hair with bangs. She does not have very much hair it goes down to her shoulders but is very thin and fine. Please let me know. Thank you very much

    • The Mom says:

      Despite her hair being fine I think it would work. That’s the beauty of my messy buns I think is that they can make it look like there is a lot more hair there than there really is! And especially where you’re just pulling the hair into a few ponies and the messy bun, regardless of her hair texture, I think it’d probably be fine. This other hairstyle comes to mind: http://babesinhairland.com/hairstyles/flower-girl-hairstyle … I did it for a reader who’s daughter had thin hair & they were going to a wedding. She said it worked great because the messy buns made things look so much fuller. Since the wedding isn’t until October I’d say to try a few of them out to see what works best with her type of hair before the special day! Good luck! 🙂

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