Rows of Twists into a Half Pony


Just a quick post to show you what I did on Goose’s hair the other day for school. Lately I’ve been loving little tight little twists up front in the girls hair, but since Goose has so much hair and on most school mornings I don’t have time to do them clear across the crown of her head – I opted to do this instead. I’ve done twists or cornrows in THIS ancient post, and for a video on how I insert the bobby pin (aiming it towards myself and then shoving it away from myself as I push it down the shaft of the twist) watch the 2nd video HERE. It’s not the greatest video, but hopefully you get the idea. One of these days I’ll redo it!

Anyway, parted her hair on a bit of an angle for the first twist, and then continued parting at the same angle.

Cornrows and Half Ponytail (1)

Once I had the twists secured I simply parted the hair from ear to ear making a half pony. Use care when doing this as to not pull the twists out. If your bobby pins aren’t in there well, you risk disturbing the twists. Since the twists were off to the left side of her head a bit, I set the half pony off to the left as well – ever so slightly.

Cornrows and Half Ponytail (2)

We topped it off with a beautiful flower from Flowerz in Her Hair, curled the ends of her hair ever so slightly with the flat iron & we were good to go.

Cornrows and Half Ponytail (3)

Cornrows and Half Ponytail (5)

She decided to wear her black glasses for a change & I liked the stark contrast instead of her pink ones she usually wears! And despite the windy day we had when she wore this, this ‘do held up fabulously! If you can master these little twists, this is really a good quick & easy do for any school morning. You really only need a few up front & can do just about anything else with the rest of the hair to add variety to your style. ** If you are growing your bangs out or they are just bugging you one day, throw a few of these in & you’re in business! **

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