Simple Pullback & Curls / Nume Wand Review

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Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle As you probably know, we taught another hair class this year at the Pinner’s Conference in SLC, Utah.  As has been our tradition, we love to give away free stuff during our class, and this year was no different.  We gave away some of our favorite products – such as Curlformers and Hot Iron Holsters.  We also gave away a curling iron, and a 25mm NuMe Magic Wand.  I bought a couple of them months back on a deal they were having and so I tried ours out for the first time ever, in this video.

These days it seems like everyone is using a curling wand to get their curls, and while we try to use as little heat as possible when we want a lot of curl (hence the use of Curlformers) we enjoyed using our NuMe Magic Wand and we loved the results.  We opted to get the Magic Wand that has adjustable heat settings rather than just their Classic Curling Wand that only has an “on/off'” switch.

Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle On the deal we would have paid the same price for the classic vs. the magic, and I prefer to know how hot my tools are.  If you buy it off their site, and you aren’t getting it on a sale, I’d still recommend paying the extra $10 to get the magic wand so you can adjust the temperature.  Currently, as of the date this post was published, 25mm NuMe Magic Wand was about $79 on Amazon, which is almost half the price you pay on NuMe’s site.  NuMe also has sales quite regularly, especially around the holidays, so keep your eyes out.  For 2 wands, I paid a total of $50 which included shipping.  Not too bad.
Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle


  • * Constructed of 100% titanium
  • * 6″ barrel
  • * 25mm wand (about 1″ around)
  • * Heat range of 140º to 450º with digital display
  • * 360º swivel cord
  • * Comes with a heat-resistant glove (which I don’t really use but highly recommend using if you are prone to burning yourself or are trying this for the first time!)


  • * Heats up quickly
  • * Like how it felt in my hand
  • * Light weight
  • * Comes in 3 colors (we got pink)
  • * Easy to use
  • * Has an automatic shut-off setting (that is actually changeable – see their user instructions HERE for more info)
  • * Comes w/a smooth/silky glove.  Some wands come with a glove that looks rough & itchy and that it would snag or cause static in your hair.  NuMe’s glove is great (even though I’ve only used it a few times.)


  • * Sometimes when holding it, I’d accidentally bump the + or – button and change the temperature
  • * If you don’t get these on a good buy, they can be a bit spendy
  • * I wish the cord was longer.  I’m used to my big long CHI cords I guess, and the NuMe wand’s was rather short
  • * Some people may not like using a glove when curling their hair

So here is our video (sped up of course since it can get boring watching me curl her hair!)  We share some of the pros & cons, along with the simple way we pulled back her hair & secured it.

Step 1 – Divide hair into sections/layers and clip out of the way

We started at the nape of her neck, and slowly worked our way up.  I used bigger sections along the lower part of her head, but when I was working on her “top layer” of hair, I used a lot smaller sections since that would be most visible.

Step 2 – Once everything is curled gently run fingers through the curls to relax them to more of a wave

For this style we wanted to make things a bit more subtle after we’d curled her hair so before using any hairspray or anything on the curls we finger combed the curls to relax them a bit.

Step 3 – Gather hair near the right and left temple and gently twist in toward the head

Step 4 – Join hair in the center of the back of the head, but don’t pull too tight

Step 5 – Secure with bobby pins as needed

Watch the video to see my trick with my 1 bobby pin!  Open the bobby pin up a little inserting it into the hair from the right, then push it into the hair toward the left, flipping it back over pushing it completely in toward the right side.


Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle `
Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle

Simple Pullback Style & NuMe Wand Review | #curls #hair #numestyle #hairstyle

Comment below & let us know what your favorite way to get curls is.  Do you have a curling wand, and which one?  Or what heatless method do you prefer to get your curls?  Chime in & let us know! 🙂 If you love the results we got from our 25mm NuMe Magic Wand, you can get one HERE on Amazon.

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