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Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (1)

As I mentioned in my Spooky Spider Headband post, you would be seeing our icky black spider again.  And here is yet another fun way to use this guy in a hairstyle!  It’s not hard & it’s even a little crafty! 🙂

Remember our ABC Hair seriesThe Letter O came in handy for this style.  Depending on the amount of hair you’re working with will determine how big your Letter O is, and how big you need to make your spider web.

Step 1 – Make a circle with 2 braids

Our Letter O tutorial can be found HERE.

Letter O Hairstyle (1)

Step 2 – Make a spider web

I had several different ways I thought of creating the spider web.  I just used what I had on hand.  You could use cotton balls to create cobwebs – spreading them across the middle of the O.  With a craft needle, you could weave a spider web, using the O as the framework.  Or you could use pipe cleaners to make the web like we did.  I came across a couple different ways to make them.  The first one uses pipe cleaner and string to weave the web, and the second web uses only pipe cleaner.  I opted for the latter.  The steps for that web can be found here.  Mine didn’t turn out nearly as cool as theirs! (There’s also a spider tutorial there, that isn’t as icky as ours!)  And I guess if you’re totally amazing, you could make a spider web with some of the hair you are working with!  Be we went simple & used pipe cleaner!

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (2)

Step 3 – Position spider web on the head

I stuck the excess pipe cleaner under the braids so they poked out until I got it positioned where I wanted it.

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (3)

Step 4 – Trim excess pipe cleaner

You can do this while the web is on the head, just be extremely careful not to cut any hair!  But to ensure no accidents happen, I suggest marking where you want to cut off the pipe cleaner & then removing it from the hair first before cutting it!  Then tuck the ends of the pipe cleaner up underneath the braid.

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (4)

 Step 5 – Add a spider to your web

Again, you can use what you have on hand.  We tried a couple other options before adding our huge spider.  First we had a traditional Halloween spider ring.  You could totally add several of these around the web if you want.

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (9)

And when we made our big spider, we also tried a smaller version of it.  We cut the pipe cleaner in half to get this size.  It didn’t have nearly as menacing of a look as the big one! Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (10)

 In the end we went with the large and extremely creepy spider clip we used in our last post.

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (5) Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (6)

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (7)

Position it wherever you think it looks the best.

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (11)

In the end I think it looked the best coming over the top of the braids looking like it was crawling across her head. *shudder* And this thing still makes my skin crawl! 🙂

Spiderweb Hairstyle | Halloween Hairstyles (8)

Don’t forget all our other Halloween hairstyles can be found HERE.  We’d love if you try any of them if you share them with us on our Facebook Page!  Hope your Halloween costumes & the like are coming along & it won’t be crunch time come the night of the 30th!  Oh, and I’m linking up at SNAP’s show & tell Tuesday!

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6 Responses

  1. Wendy says:

    I love this! It doesn’t get any cuter than this!!!!

  2. Erin says:

    How Fun!!! I love it!!! funny, tomorrow “O” is our letter!! i think we will do this soon too…. but I’ll have to get some pipe cleaners…fun fun!!! thanks!!

  3. Beth says:

    I could see using a dream catcher and weaving the hair around the hoop

  4. Bethany says:

    I just found your new site! Im in love. I am a hairstylist and just started a little blog about our home renos. Your blog just makes me so happy! I cant wait for my little girl to grow some hair and try these out!

    Im your newest follower!

  5. Erin says:

    Just finished the web, and some spiders (made 2 for each girl, small & big…not sure which I’ll use)….and I practiced the braided crown….(the “o” won’t work for this with Chloe’s hair….too short, she has a lowercase “o”)…. will share pics of the finished product!!

  6. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness, where have you been all my life?! I have four daughters and doing their hair is something that I actually enjoy quite a bit (when they are willing, and we have the time!) I think I might just be lost in your site for hours.

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