10 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Hair Accessories


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I think I’ve said it before – but if not …  I’ve got a confession to make …

I’m not one that goes all ga-ga about holiday’s such as St. Patrick’s Day and the like.  Outside of the major holidays I don’t do a ton of decorating either.  Ya I know – I’m a party pooper!  Don’t get me wrong – I love looking at all the fun crafts, decor, etc. that’s out there (especially on Pinterest!) but I guess I just don’t have the time or energy to get into things so much.  But show me cute hair accessories and it’s a different story!  And while I haven’t done any shamrock St. Patty’s Day hairstyles I’ve rounded up a bunch of fabulous shamrocks & festive St. Patrick’s Day hair accessories.  And you’re in LUCK 😉 … almost all of them have tutorials (or are simple enough to figure out) and are easy to make in no time at all!  And despite being green — you won’t spend much “green” making them!  Most of the items required to make these you can probably find at the dollar store. 🙂  So if you’re in a “pinch” and don’t have time to do St. Patrick’s Day hairstyles, whip up one or more of these green cuties and accessorize instead!

First up is a real simple answer to adding green to your little girl to ensure she’s not getting pinched!  Simply tie green ribbon (in knots) around a ponytail holder and make a “pony-o”.  Then let it cascade down her ponytail.  Really simple & really cute!

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This darling 3D shamrock headband takes just a little bit of green felt and a headband.  If you don’t have a green headband you could wrap it with green ribbon like we wrapped our headband at Halloween time.  Tutorials can be found for this lucky green headband and the clip right below here.

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (2) {source}

And using the same felt (and maybe a lighter green as well), a button and a bobby pin or alligator clip, this cute shamrock could top off a messy bun or be added to a headband with a loop on it (like we did on our Halloween headband.)

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (4) {source}

Or if you’re like my girls and love to bead & have wire and such – these would be fun to make. You’d need beads, wire and hair pins.

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (5) {source}

This sweet little shamrock would take 2 colors of green ribbon, an alligator clip and some hot glue.  You could have a few of these made up in no time at all!

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (3) {source}

If you like making bows or are a ribbon lover, I’m sure you’re familiar with The Ribbon Retreat.  They’ve got tutorials galore for every bow under the sun – including these festive St. Patty’s Day clips.  Links to all these tutorials can be found here.

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My personal favorite is this super “stacked” St. Patrick’s Day bow.  The tutorial can be found here.

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (1) {source}

Here’s another sweet idea for using felt to create a cute shamrock.  You could attach these to bobby pins, a headband, or tie them into the ends of some cute Pocahontas braids!  The full tutorial can be seen here.


And although these aren’t green – you won’t be out much green by making them!  You could even use fake gold coins you can find at the dollar store and glue them to an alligator clip instead of using real pennies.

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (9) {source}

And here’s another absolutely darling bow you could make.  Sadly there’s no tutorial for this but head back over to The Ribbon Retreat if you don’t know how to make a loopy bow like this one.)  I just love the polka dots and by adding the glittery shamrock in the middle it makes it perfect!

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (8) {source}

And last but not least – if you really want to go all out- make a crazy headband wrapped with ribbon & add a flashy leprechaun hat to the top.  You could even just attach one of those hats to a clip or a stretchy headband and you’re good to go!  Tutorials for these luck o’ the Irish accessories can be found here.

St. Patrick's Day Hair Accessories (7) {source}


There you have it — 10 easy-peasy (and on the cheap) accessories that will keep your little girl from getting pinched by those mean Leprechauns!

So tell me … do you go all out for St. Patrick’s Day?  Or am I the only one who doesn’t?  Think you’ll try any of these cute accessories?  Since our house is getting painted and things are in utter chaos I’m still trying to decide what I’ll do or if I can even find space to “craft” something up!

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  1. Traci says:

    I love the long ribbons and the 3d headband. Just wish my daughters would wear hairbows.

  2. Erin says:

    Nope, don’t go all out…I’ll do the girls hair in something cute (maybe a pretty bow) and put a green t-shirt on them & call it good….my girls are trying to convince me to feed them green food all day, not sure how that will work, lol!! Thanks for these!

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