Our Segment on KSL TV’s The Browser 5.0



We were so excited to be asked to be on one of our local TV shows yesterday, and be featured as “Blog of the Week”.  We were on KSL TV’s Browser 5.0 segment where each Wednesday they feature a local blogger and this week I was lucky enough to be it!  If you’re new here because you saw us on the show – Welcome!  Hope you’ll stay awhile and browse the hundreds of hairstyles we have done!


I’m always so nervous beforehand, but once the cameras are rolling I forget about being nervous and it’s over before you know it!  This time I wasn’t demonstrating hairstyles like I have on shows I’ve been on in the past, so the girls were at school while I did this one.  But because I didn’t want to go alone I took my fabulous husband with me & he was kind enough to take some pictures before and during the segment!  Scott Haws was the one I chatted with during the segment.  He was so nice & made me feel totally comfortable before things got started.  So for those of you who might of missed it, or aren’t local and wanted to watch – here’s our clip!

Here’s just a few other pictures my husband took while we were waiting for things to start!  Sorry they are from my cell phone, so they might not be the best!


Was awesome to see our blog in huge format on the wall of the studio!


Just hanging out waiting for the commercial break to be over – Scott all relaxed & me trying to convey to my husband with my big eyes and tilted head that I was nervous! haha 🙂 KSLTV3C And once cameras were rolling …. KSLTV5E

And to top off the afternoon I went and grabbed a bite at Cafe Rio with my husband while the girls were still in school!  I got done just in time to pick them up and head home to start homework!

Thanks KSL for asking me to come!  I had a lot of fun!  And thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch & support us!

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4 Responses

  1. Garth says:

    Hey Becky, love your work. I keep waiting for you to post something I can use for my hair, but my guess is bald guys don’t represent much of a growth opportunity for you. Oh well. Keep up the good work.

    • The Mom says:

      You crack me up Garth! Maybe if you can’t personally do my hairstyles you can try them on your kids or wife! 😉 Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Lusche says:

    What a great news feature! So glad you have all these ideas. With 6 girls here, we are using some of these for the long haired missies.

    • The Mom says:

      Hey Lusche! Wow- what a pleasant surprise! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I didn’t realize you had a bunch of girls! It’s been so long since I saw you… probably at Gma’s funeral maybe? Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! Hope you’ll visit often! 🙂

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