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4 Strand Braid with a Twist


4 Strand Braid with a Twist from

It’s been a week since we turned our manuscript into the publisher and I’ve spent the last several days trying to catch up on things that were neglected over the past several months.  I’m still so far behind, but it’s nice to be done with that huge project!

So this week we’ve put a “twist” on a regular 4 strand braid.  Or I guess I should say a twist IN a regular 4 strand braid! If you need a refresher on how to make a 4 strand braid you can watch our 4 strand braid video.  Or you can also watch our rope braid/twist video if you need help making one of those.

You don’t need extra long hair to do this.  You just need the braid to reach your ponytail – which really can be positioned anywhere on the head.  But to be able to see more of the pretty braid I put her ponytail clear on the right side of her head.

Here’s our video showing how you can get this hairstyle:

Step 1 – Section out hair on the left side of the head

On the right side of the head part from the forehead back to the crown.  Then part down to the ear.

Step 2 – Make a ponytail

With the remaining hair, gather all the hair toward the right side of the head.  Secure it with an elastic behind the right ear.

Step 3 – Divide hair by the left ear in half

Part the section of hair on the left side of the head in half.  The part should run from the side part down to the tip of the left ear.

Step 4 – Make a rope braid/twist

With the back section you just parted out, divide the hair into 2 pieces and make a rope braid/twist.  Twist until the rope braid can reach the ponytail on the right side of the head.

Step 5 – Temporarily secure the rope twist with a claw clip

Step 6 – Create a 4 strand braid

With the remaining hair by the face on the left side, divide it into 3 sections.  Take the rope braid from step 4 and add it into these 3 sections of hair.  It should be in position #2 for the 4 strand braid.  Make a 4 strand braid starting with the right section.  Take that section over & under.  Then with the very left section take it under then over.  Continue that pattern to make a 4 strand braid.

Step 7 – Gently pull on outer sections of braid

To separate the hair a bit from the twist, pull on the straight outer sections of the braid so the twist stands out more.

Step 8 – Secure braid to ponytail with an elastic

Step 9 – Optional – Add a cute hair accessory

This cute clip is from Gimme Clips.  You can curl the ponytail or make the ponytail into a braid and wrap it into a bun for an additional look.

FINISHED! 4 Strand Braid with a Twist from 4 Strand Braid with a Twist from 4 Strand Braid with a Twist from 4 Strand Braid with a Twist from 4 Strand Braid with a Twist from 4 Strand Braid with a Twist from

We hope you like this!  What’s your vote?  Do you like 4 strand braids, or do you stick with regular 3 strand braids most of the time?

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  1. Tanya says:

    Brilliant Braid Hairstyles Ideas with Twist. These r looking Excellent.

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