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Asian Flair Hairstyle (1) I wasn’t quite sure what to call this, and for some reason it seemed to have a bit of an Oriental – or as my husband corrects me, an Asian look to it. If anyone can name it better, by all means, name away! We did this to attend a wedding reception recently and we got a ton of compliments on it.

Start by making the typical ponies to do puffy braids, or the “hair net” as it’s sometimes called. I made triangles – sort of – 5 of them across the front of her head. Once again, I didn’t know where I was going with this so my parts aren’t overly straight. Section off 5 pony tails across the front of her head – parting in any shape you like.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (2)

Then from there, divide the middle front ponytail into 2. Join half of it with 1/2 of the ponytail to the right and tie those 2 pieces together with a rubberband.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (3)

Sorry for this next pic being a big blurry and bright. Divide all the hair as you would for puffy braids or a hair net so that you now have 4 sections of hair tied off. To be festive, you could use red, white & blue rubberbands for this if you wanted for the 4th of July.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (4)

In case you need a more upclose look at the way things get divided out …

Asian Flair Hairstyle (5)

Once you’ve got the 4 strands/pony tails tied off, proceed to make a 4 strand braid down as far as you possibly can. For a refresher on how it’s done watch my videos HERE. Tie the braid off with a little rubberband.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (6)

Now with the remaining hair that is hanging down, pull it back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with a rubberband. (I just flipped all the front hair into her face & out of the way so I could get the back all smoothed down into the ponytail.)

Asian Flair Hairstyle (7)

Once you’ve made the low ponytail, bring the 4 strand braid back over on top of it and center it over the ponytail. (This pic looks like it’s crooked … but it wasn’t!) Then sort of hide the rubberband at the end of the 4 strand braid in the hair of the ponytail. Wrap a rubberband around the ponytail about at the level of the rubberband that is in the 4 strand braid – all the while keeping it hidden in there! Does that make sense?! 🙂 This is what it will look like:

Asian Flair Hairstyle (8)

You can see the rubberband from my 4 strand braid just below in this picture. Divide the hair below that rubberband into 2 pieces.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (9)

Pull the hair upwards underneath the ponytail so that each section of hair straddles the rubberband base of the low ponytail. The little tan rubberband I used is then up against my bright pink one. Asian Flair Hairstyle (10)

Then pass the right piece of hair over to the left side, behind the 4 strand braid & pass the left section of hair to the right side, also behind the braid so that you are covering the pink rubberband. Asian Flair Hairstyle (11)

Then continue wrapping each section of hair, back around to the underside of your loopy bun. Tie off underneath with a rubberband.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (12)

I sort of forgot to take another picture of the last step. Once you’ve got the hair tied off underneath, it sort of fans out all spiky like. So I curled the ends up just a little bit so they fanned out a little nicer. Here’s an up close look at the bottom of it all.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (13)

So what do you think? Does it have an Asian look to it, or is it just me?!

Asian Flair Hairstyle (14)

From the front w/her head down:

Asian Flair Hairstyle (15)

From the side (ignore her less than enthused face — not sure what was up there!)

Asian Flair Hairstyle (16)

My happy little Bug!

Asian Flair Hairstyle (17)

One final shot, sort of looking from underneath a bit. You could add some fancy hair pins or something down around where the hair is wrapped around the base of the ponytail, but I didn’t think it really needed anything to be honest.

Asian Flair Hairstyle (18)

The nice thing about this one, was those front rubberbands stay in so nicely and we get very little fly aways, so the next day I just had to redo the back portion of it & she wore it again a 2nd time. It was pretty slick!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hi, I was wondering when I 4 strand braid it looks very different compared to yours it looks more like this


    I was wondering maybe what you do differently because yours has a more roundish look while mine is more flat. Thanks!

  2. Silvia says:

    Very nice. can’t wait to do my daughter hair like this.

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