Letter C Hairstyle


“C” is for … Circus

(That’s only appropriate since it’s been on my brain lately, right?!)

(And don’t forget to be making your video for your last chance to win those tickets!)

Letter C Hairstyle (1)

Thanks to those of you that have gotten in the spirit of these fun Hair Letters and been posting them on our Facebook page. I LOVE that you’ve taken it upon yourself to come up with your own way of doing them. That’s exactly what you should be doing! Lots of these will be rather obvious on how they can be done, but obviously I can’t skip a letter, now can I?!

Make an off-center part on the right side of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Letter C Hairstyle (2)

Divide that section of hair in half and make 2 pony tails with it. Make sure the ponies are at least centered in the section or further to the right of the head. You don’t want them too close to the left. (This obviously will vary depending on the length of hair you are working with.)

Letter C Hairstyle (3)

Letter C Hairstyle (4)

Make 2 rope/twist braids, regular braids, or whatever you choose & secure them temporarily at the ends.

Letter C Hairstyle (5)

With the rest of the hair on the left make a side pony – very far to the left.

Letter C Hairstyle (6)

Take the top twist and pull it over the top of the head so it curves like the top of the C. Secure it to the side ponytail with a rubber band. Don’t pull it too tight or it won’t have the right curve of a C.

Letter C Hairstyle (7)

Repeat the process with your bottom twist. Use bobby pins if necessary to hold them in place a bit better so the “C” holds its shape.

Letter C Hairstyle (8)

Letter C Hairstyle (9)

Letter C Hairstyle (10)

And there is your cute letter “C!” I opted not to add any accessories on top of the ponytail so it wouldn’t break up the middle of the letter. You could totally wrap this with ribbon though, as one of my FB fans did. It really made it pop and added a nice touch of color.

Letter C Hairstyle (11)

And here is the beautiful version from Laura, who of course inspired me to start this whole project. She did an inside out half French braided crown. Hers looks very elegant & I love that there are no parts in it, but like I mentioned before though, I’m wanting to keep this whole project to regular braids, twists etc., so we’ll see how I fair! You do what works best for you!

Letter C Hairstyle (12)

Photo Courtesy of Laura W.

She was just as excited for this letter as the last 2, but for whatever reason, she couldn’t seem to get her fingers to hold the letter C for her sign language picture. I opted for a smiling picture instead of frustrating her!

Letter C Hairstyle (13)

Hope this style goes over as swimmingly as the other letters. Be sure to share them with us on our Facebook page! Bee has had fun seeing them!

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  1. Gloria Loew says:

    Hello my name is Gloria Loew,
    Say, I was wondering if there would be a chance that ya’ll could put in your web site the hairstyle the letter “Y”

    • The Mom says:

      Gloria — Thanks for your question about the Letter Y hairstyle. We’ve been making our way through the alphabet this school year and our next letter to post will be X , so then we’ll be on to Y and Z. It should be posted by next week sometime. Hopefully that works for you! Thanks for your comment!

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