Baby Cornrows or 3 Mini Twists


Baby Cornrows (2)

I don’t think these quite can be called cornrows since there are only 3 of them, but I already called one of Bee’s styles baby twists when I did the little buns on her. But I did these basically the same way as I did the cornrows in this post, I just didn’t start as far forward with the twists and I thought it’d be fun to try them in Bee’s hair. This is nothing difficult – just wanted to see it on my baby!

I started with Bee’s hair fairly damp and began by parting her hair from the left side of her face and went diagonally back on her head. Then branching off of that part I made another part to the left – forming a V in the center as seen below.

Baby Cornrows (3)

I twisted the section of hair on the left of her head going in towards her head – or going right – and then used a mini-clip to fasten it.

Baby Cornrows (4)

The I proceeded into the middle and did the same thing – twisting it to the right as well.

Baby Cornrows (5)

And the section on right I rolled in towards the head – going left. This was the biggest section of hair that kind of “swooped” across most of her face, so I tried to start the twist up a bit further in the front. With her fine baby hair it didn’t stay very tight and loosened up a bit once her hair dried and looked rather cute. I’m used to having her hair pulled back tighter in a pony or whatever, so it was a nice different look on her. These next several pictures look basically the same but I was trying to get a better view of the right twist for you.

Baby Cornrows (6)

As you can see my hand in this next pic, she did not want to sit still for pictures when I did this a couple weeks ago. That’s why you won’t see her from the front! Every one I got from the front she moved right in the middle of it and blurred the picture! Sorry! But I thought she looked very sweet with her hair done like this.

Baby Cornrows (7)

She only sat still long enough to color a bit with the girls & that’s when I was able to take these few from the back/top. (Notice the hair stick in her hand from my Chinese Bun post – she thinks they are drum sticks!)

Baby Cornrows (8)

Anyway – like I said, not earth shattering – just something else that’s cute that you hopefully can do on your littler DD’s or girls that have finer/shorter hair.

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3 Responses

  1. Gita says:

    I have an 18 month old daughter. Whenever i tie her hair in ponytails, she removes them again in a jiffy. Or at least tries to pull it out and makes it loose in the process.
    How do I get her to NOT pull at those pony tails? It’s really frustrating.

    • The Mom says:

      I feel your pain Gita! Just keep trying to gently take her hands down from her hair whenever they go to pull the piggies out. Put something else in her hands to distract her! That’s the game I played for a long time when the girls were littler. One thing I did do was make them a little looser sometimes so they maybe weren’t so tight and they didn’t notice them as much. But ya, I was always taking their hands out of their hair, away from a bow or headband etc. But eventually they got used to it and they left stuff alone. Good luck!

  2. Gita says:

    Thank u. I will try that.

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