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Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (1) Wedding season is quickly approaching – or for some – it’s here. Seems like I’ve been getting a lot of request for things lately – which is cool because it definitely keeps me on my toes to come up with new & original hair ideas for you guys – so keep ’em coming! Anyway, a couple weeks back you may remember THIS flower girl hair style I did for Jennifer H. Well she wrote me again because her dd yet another wedding line to be in and needed another style that was half up/half down and that she could could put a big 4 inch bow into. I struggled a bit as I thought about it, because I figured having a big bow in it would just cover up the style and it would be pointless to have more than the hair simply pulled back. But I was really pleased with what I ended out doing, and hopefully she is too. This is kind of a hairstyle that combined several different ones – so I hope you like it!

I did this after Bee’s bath so her hair was fairly damp. Part the hair right down the middle (sorry if this one looks a bit crooked!) Then part it from ear to ear …

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (2)

Divide each side into 2 sections and make a ponytail with each of them – so you’ll have 4 ponytails.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (3)

Then with a bit of the hair behind the part that runs from ear to ear part it out like I did in THIS old hairstyle (sorry I didn’t get a better picture of this) – but you’re basically parting from the right lower ponytail to the left lower ponytail and pulling it into a separate ponytail on the crown of the head.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (4)

You can see it better here in this next picture how I pulled up the hair – on the last wrap of the rubber band as you’re making the ponytail don’t pull it through all the way – leaving a loop for a messy bun in a minute.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (5)

Here’s a view from the side:

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (6)

Now split the top 2 ponytails in half and join the right half of the left pony & the left half of the right pony with a rubberband in the middle above your messy bun’s rubberband. It’ll kind of make an ‘M’. Let the “tails” of that section straddle your messy bun loop.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (7)

Then take the ponytail above the left ear, and the remaining half of the top left ponytail and twist them to make a rope/twist braid – secure it temporarily with a clip.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (8)

Repeat on the right side and secure it with another clippy. Now it’s going to sort of look like an M with big long twisted sides!

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (9)

For a moment take and clip the loop/messy bun up out of the way.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (10)

Take the twist braids/corkscrews and join them with a rubber band underneath the loop/messy bun.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (11)

Drop the loop back down and make a messy bun. Since you’re not working with much hair for this messy bun, just randomly pull the loops up and bobby pin them as you think looks best. I still used my messy bun technique – but was working with a lot less hair!

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (12)

Then I dried the rest of the hair hanging down and curled it. It was still damp in spots, as we didn’t have much time before I had to leave, so I didn’t curl it as much as you may want to – to fancy it up!

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (13)

Put your big bow underneath the messy bun and you’re set. I got this darling pink & brown one from All Things Ribbon and I think it’s bigger than 4 inches – but that way I knew this would hopefully work for Jennifer!

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (14)

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (15)

Be sure to put your bow low enough that you can hopefully still see the twists … on this pic you can’t seem them as much on the left side.

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (16)

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (1) She hasn’t yet learned how to smile with gum in her mouth – without the gum coming out too! So hopefully this doesn’t gross you out! LOL

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (17)

There you you have it. A half up/half down flower girl hair style that will work with a nice large bow!

Combo Flower Girl Hairstyle (18)

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  1. Erin McWhirt says:

    I really love this…. I just tried it on my 3 year old daughter, she is going to be a flower girl tomorrow (found out 2 days ago, and your website is a God send), and it looks pretty good… not exactly like your work, considering my baby girl has very wispy hair, but it works for her… YAY!!! If you would like a pic of how this works on a 3 year old who still has baby hair, I did take some pics, just don’t know how to share them here

    • The Mom says:

      I’m so glad you found a style that worked for you! We’d love to see how it turned out! Feel free to e-mail me pictures or if you are on FB you can share them on our wall!

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